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Wait until the large black box appears below each video notation (The file is then loaded) then just hold your curser over the black box below each video notation and it should play if you have a system that supports video.

Please be patient they may take some time to load depending on your connection speeds. Some browsers do not support video so some of you may not be able to view them.

This one is from Mickbeney, a forum regular. Kindly edited by Tony.

The pig was caught on the Cooper creek channel country QLD. It was a big sow. Me and the missus were having lunch on the river and I noticed a mob of pigs about 400meters or so down stream. The dogs were locked in the back of the Ute. So I grabbed the video camera and released the dogs. The dogs didn't know the pigs were there at first, so I walked out wide so the dogs would pick up the wind scent of the pigs. Once the dogs picked up the scent, they went there own way in the direction of the pigs. The missus was walking behind me. Before long I heard a pig running in my direction, so I started rolling the tape, I said to the missus to get behind a tree which she did, little did I know she shit herself and was climbing up the tree I wish I got that on film LOL]. Luckily enough I was in the rite place at the rite time to catch the footage I got. We got the pig in the film and also a small one.

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