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Monthly Photo Competition December 2013

First Prize $100 cash2nd prize - $50 cash

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Rusty - been chasing this pig for a while, I finally got him, run a long way but it was the dogs night and he couldn't shake them off he would have weighed over 100kg

Tim G

Tom D - Tusky little boar

Warren F - a tree trying to grab two Kangaroos

Joe L - Old Roxy and a little boar I got earlier this year

Chester B - Went for a run Sunday morning with the boy, where we ended up getting two good boars 102 and 89 (live weight) and another sow

Rick L - Chubby S and Taylor, good boar

Adrian D - Local Miles boar 104 kg live Weight, Clay Darcy and Adrian

Chester B - Came across a couple of porkers during the day as we headed out to our spot, coming up with 4 boars and two sows

Joshua P - trip last week to Narrabri‏

Dimmy B - Nice sow caught by my two dogs in the cane

Don D

Tom D

Vanessa B - Boxing Day boar caught with Megan & Scott B

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