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Monthly Photo Competition December 2012

First Prize $100 cash2nd prize - $50 cash

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Brianna H - boar caught by two 15 year old chicks and no guys with us. This shows that girls can do anything

Ben B - WA Pigs Recently‏

Me mate Wazza and his son Callum with their 1st kill with their .223 and only boar for the day. We got this just ˝ hour into the hunt.

Ben B, Bizzy and Trooper with 2 healthy sow’s Bizzy found bunkering up in the pile of Spinifex behind me.

Ben B with a boar me mates pup found tucked up under some timber left behind after last wet.

Adam with a nice boar we chased out of the river country into the open, he put up a real good fight and not a mark on any of the dogs.

A nice boar Bizzy found in a dried up little waterhole that threw the dogs around like they were in a washing machine.

The same boar as previous but after I just done me back lifting him up.

Morgan and his pup on the same healthy boar as Pic 4.

Eb T

Dusty T

Trace C - Reasonable boar I caught last night‏

John G - early morning run‏

Isaac A - good boar

Glen A - a good white boar caught by the dogs this morning

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