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Monthly Photo Competition October 2012

First Prize $100 cash2nd prize - $50 cash

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Khloe L - My Boyfriend (Damian), My two little sisters (Aimee & Emily) & Myself (Khloe) went for a hunt just a couple hundred metres up the road from our house in Kingaroy, Queensland, as we knew the pigs were smashing the wheat paddock hard. We hit it up a couple of times but were just a tad too early for them, so this time we decided to go a bit later to see what we could find. The whole paddock was full of eyes and ears from the big mob of pigs, there were a few good 50/60kg pigs but we went big, we wanted the big fella and yes we sure got him.
We took a couple of photo's the day after we caught him, my little brothers (Matthew & Samuel) were so interested in the pig they can't wait to be old enough to go a run after these squealers.

Jai W - Queensland channel country

Jacob M - Dylan with a nice boar

Craig C - quick hunt today on the quads and the dogs found us four small grunters and this medium boar

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