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Monthly Photo Competition September 2012

First Prize $100 cash2nd prize - $50 cash

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Jack F - After finishing work on Friday and picking the kids up from school Sarah asked me if we were still going pigging? Not this weekend to many jobs to do, priorities I said! After she stopped twisting my arm I made a phone call to the property owner. Saturday morning seen me do all my jobs around the house in record time. Before we knew it we were out hunting catching a healthy young boar and a sow. What can I say I'm just a caring father.

James I


Dean T - Went out west for the weekend, got 21 pig all in had a ball‏

Matt P

Dianne C - Sophie and Emily on a early morning hunt at Stewarts Brook NSW with Pepper and Dozer

Guy - good boar, the foxy goes one out with the best of them

Scott M - my kids and my mates kids out pigging and loving it

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