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Monthly Photo Competition September 2012

First Prize $100 cash2nd prize - $50 cash

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Chester B - Went up into me ol stomping grounds where I grew up. Was great to go back up into the rainforest. Hounds done really well and found this good boar. Also a couple of pics of the country that this was hunted in. I can tell you I had some sap coming out of me by the time we got out.

The purple line is me and the other colours are the hounds. Fella in the pic now owns this block.

Mayo W - Good set of hooks on this boar, one out of five for the afternoon just out of Weipa Cape York.

Craig C - went for a fathers day hunt with my cousin, a mate of his and all our young blokes and the dogs caught 4 for us

Jack F - After having a run of sows and young boars, it was good to finally get a reasonable boar to top of a good fathers day weekend away

Rebecca W - Steve up at Roma for a run, caught these 4 with the pups

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