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Monthly Photo Competition July, August, September 2014

First Prize $100 cash2nd prize - $50 cash

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Craig D - Bailey D

Ryan B - Not a bad boar

Dale M - A few good boar in the last few weeks

Greg M

Jack F

Paul G

Jack F - The dogs tracked this solid boar for close to 3km''s as the crow flys on the GPS, Rick and Ray (who I had heard of but never met before) were travelling on the road that cuts through the property I hunt, they had pulled up for a leak and heard one of my dogs barking so they drove up to the action to find my dogs in a tussle with this boar, they quickly ended the fight, we turned up shortly after a bit confused but very appreciative of their effort, thanks again fella's. He went 114kgs live and 105kgs dressed.

Nigel C - this pig weighed 169kg live weight, caught near Biloela Central Queensland with my two bitches Penny & Brownie

Jed M

Alex D - A good job from the pup pulling this 1 up by himself

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