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Monthly Photo Competition July 2011

First Prize $150 cash, 2 Boardogs Stubby holders,  2nd prize - 2 Boardogs Stubby Holders

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Bill K - Good boar caught at lunch time on dead beast by Ron

Bill K - Good size barra caught last night

Bill K - Some good quality pigs dogged by Dan and Greg one out in the desert country SA

Brett A - pigs we've been catching out west, in the last few weeks

Chester B - Went for a run on Saturday night with Jim and we were luck enough for the hounds to come up with this ol boarus.....Took a bit of finding too. He must have knew something was on as hounds worked a section of a paddock for quite a while, coming out of the cane then back
in but not wanting to head up into the mountain - this went on for a little while but eventually they found him a bit deeper in the paddock......Weighed in at 81kg dressed.

Krista & Barry - Me-Krista and Jett my Jack Russel who loves to get in on the action, My partner Barry and the Boar, Me (Krista) getting a photo before Barry made me gut him.

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