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Monthly Photo Competition June 2011

First Prize $150 cash, 2 Boardogs Stubby holders,  2nd prize - 2 Boardogs Stubby Holders

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Drew A - a few big boars we have been getting out west in the last month, One 80k boar and we took the young red pup out for a run on his own a straight up caught a 80k sow‏

Amanda O - I thought i would be smart and drag hubby out for a hunt when i came off night shift at 4am only because it was freezing and he is allergic to the cold. But it back fired on me as we had to drag this huge barra out of the cane, only 40 meters in but he dressed 130.5kg.

Geoff S - Few good boars from recent trip around Roma Qld and a good boar track, 4 fingers 100kg plus easy

Travis P

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