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Monthly Photo Competition May 2011

First Prize $100 cash2nd prize - $50 cash

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Kyle L - Went for a quick run around home in the hills Saturday night, come up with the goods with a good eating sow and a good boar

Jack F - My main dog Reg disturbed this boar and another boar from their early morning sleep and got TKO'd for his trouble! So while Reg was out of it his young son Gus gave it a go and got a floggin too. One of the boars decided to break, so Gus gave a half hearted chase and came back, normally I would be very upset about this but this time I was happy as the other bigger boar was still standing his ground and Gus hit him hard and spent some time in the air ending up on the pigs back before giving it another go, then Reg finally came round and helped him out giving me time to grab him and putting him to rest. He went 105kgs dressed and was a real brawler.

Mark C - Bollon

Blundell bros‏

Dale M - Quick Sunday arvo hunt the young fellas were stoked

Paul M - couple of goof mountain boars

Trina H

Renato S - a few good boars

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