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Monthly Photo Competition April 2013

First Prize $100 cash2nd prize - $50 cash

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Matt T - couple of good one caught on a recent trip away

Paul M - nailed these 2 cane boars in the cane this morning, young dogs stepping up and working well. I was taking a photo of the other boar when my young bitch hit up on this fella 300m away, I hadn't realised she had taken off. done well stopping him

Ben W - My bitch and my mates bitch after a long hard night, decent boar little Choc nailed coming off the dam early arv

Shell M - Westmar boars from the weekend

Gordon M

Jason S - Good Mountain Boar

Tim H - Mungindi

Chester B - Was lucky enough the other night with me ol' mate Jimmy, to get the timing right for the hounds to find this fella in the cane, but he wasn't hanging around to find out what come next and made a bee line for the rainforest.

It was just cut short by the mutts and they had to earn their biscuits on this fella. Some of the photo's don't do him justice, but he weighed in at 130kg live weight.

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