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Monthly Photo Competition February 2014

First Prize $100 cash2nd prize - $50 cash

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Kevin B - Spot with a good find on a boar that left cultivation and swum waterhole, in the water again, boar caught by Tobey after walking river and boar caught by Ernie walking water course to dam

Jack F - Went out for a solo run and scored this top boar, he went 136.5kgs live weight and 115kgs dressed, the dogs done well

Cody S - good boars

Adam S - Adam and dogs Bundi and Wilson‏, Cody and Bundi with one of their biggest boars if the season

Natalie H - first pig I stuck

Sharon-Marie H - Blake with his to mates Bruiser And Bella taking in the great views from our hunting property "gotta luv it" and Beau, is proud as punch with this boar caught with Bruiser and Bella

Adrian D - HOT NSW Christmas trip with the boys, 28 pigs in 2 days

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