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Monthly Photo Competition February 2013

First Prize $100 cash2nd prize - $50 cash

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Kylee L - Stubble Boar

Daniel P

Jason - Clermont Qld, Family day out Couple good boars caught just before lunch

Chester B - Got this good boar in the early hours this morning with good mate Darrin.
Was a sneaky bugger trying to double back out of the mountains and with a bit of luck, things went our way.
Weighed in at 102 live weight.

Brendan C - Quick trip into western NSW and young Brodie could not be happier with this one, a little bit of help from Dad and a couple of mates, not to forget the dogs Ted, Butch and Cassie.

Emma B - Big WA Boar, Great find by Bizzy and Indee, found this Boar about 600m from the quad in the heat of the day

Justin B - Cracker mountain boar, 101kg dressed, found by my Mastiff Dane, Dozer and a good night work

Dan F - a boar that gave the dogs the slip and had them bluffed, no gun handy when ya need it. The 1st tonner for the year Saturday the 16th of Feb he was 110kg fat as mud, tough old bugger

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