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Monthly Photo Competition February 2013

First Prize $100 cash2nd prize - $50 cash

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Craig & Christina - Gerard Egan Big Tusky boar, Craig Egan and T-bone, Budgy a Buddy swinging a boar, Craig Egan with a monster, Christina with her first boar, The boys, Y-Bone, Spook, T-Bone and Dennis, Barra and Craig Egan, Craig and T-bone

Brad M - This was my old fat dogs first pig. We were out spotlighting in the wheat fields at Goondiwindi when we found this little fellow bolting through the freshly cut ground, we speed out across the field to head it off when the to experienced dogs bailed early (at least 800-1200m early) so by the time we cut it off the only dog we had left was fat dog. We let her off the back not really expecting much from a going on eight year old dog with no previous experience when she took off, fast as her little legs would allow and smashed him right behind the ear. The boar made not a sound nor fat dog so we knew she'd bitten off more than she could chew, she never let go once.

Marten P - Bundaberg good 100kg live boar caught during the 2013 floods, and flood Boar

Gordon M

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