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Monthly Photo Competition February 2011

First Prize $100 cash2nd prize - $50 cash

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Angela M

Tracy S - Cody and his latest boar, it was his first go at trying to stick one, he was amazed to find out how difficult that is, so he had to get his Dad to do it. Pictured with him is Wilson, it was his first pig, he had a bark and a lick, which is what you want a 5 month old pup to do and the other dog is our girl Bundi Bull Arab/Dane.

Clancy S

Ned C - a few pigs he caught with his two pig dogs

Scott B - Saturday arvo run, Cape York

Marten P, Mick and Dan P and Jayden M - Good scrub boar caught with mates and a sow in the trap

Greg B - a couple young boars I've got lately out on the river in the silk sorghum. In CQ area

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