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Monthly Photo Competition February 2011

First Prize $100 cash2nd prize - $50 cash

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Scott B - caught this boar on Australia day in Cape York

Don G - Good Boar caught in the NT this morning by my two dogs Bundy and Sherrie

Erin B - Pepper and I at Condamine where we live and hunt. This is a little pig myself, Clinto and Pep caught one late arvo run we did

David - the new addition relaxing‏

Tom B - Moranbah, QLD

Jeremy - Its a Friday night where I had nothing to do so called a few mates and decided to go for a good old fashion hunt. We were sneaking through the bush near Charters Towers when the dogs started squealing so we sent them out and we come across this big bugger.

Jack F - Went out for a run with Trace Cronin for me first proper night of ute finding we ended up with 6 pigs and this healthy young boar, it was a good night

Aaron A - Mitch with boar caught by Lexie

First time hunting for pigs

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