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Monthly Photo Competition January 2013

First Prize $100 cash2nd prize - $50 cash

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Ben B - Bizzy and Trooper ran straight past a smaller boar to grab the big boy, then backed up by Sarge after the smaller Boar had been taken care of. Both Boar’s had been feeding on a dead beast in the middle of the river and wallowing in a stagnant pool about 100m away during the heat of the day.Very healthy for a WA Boar. Pic1: Ben Batts, Bizzy and Trooper, Pic2: Left (Last month), Middle (Last week), Right (Thursday), Pic3: Morgan and Sarge

Scott M - Good Boar

Rob - Spook the dog Chris, Shania, Jason, & Andrew with a good catch

Jack F - Been out on two recent trips one before the new year and one after the new year and come home empty handed both times, I couldn't believe it so I said to the Mrs maybe third time lucky and it sure was! Scoring 7 boars for the weekend with the better boars dressing out at 67kgs, 80kgs, 87kgs and 92kgs a late start to the new year but a good start to the new year

Ash K - Burdekin boar

Kirk D - Nice boar the dogs found up in the Gulf Country‏

Dusty T

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