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Looking for information on the hunting dogs used in Australia, follow the links below for information on these dogs.

American Bull Dogs - Another new breed gaining popularity.

Ridgebacks - A breed used for many years to add size and stamina into Australian Pig Dogs

Deerhounds - Mainly used for faster game, but added into pig dog crosses

Cross Breeds

The mainstay of Australian pig hunters, the good old cross bred hog dog.

Crossed to add individual traits of various pure bred dogs, I don't think a cross hasn't been tried except for maybe the toy breeds. Most have a dash of bull somewhere in their linage, but the rest can be a combination of virtually anything. The crosses add what is referred to as Hybrid Vigour, and just about everyone that pursues the wild boar have their favorite combinations. Many a beer has been downed whilst discussing the best combinations, a habit that will continue with time.


Bull Arab - Australia's own purpose bred pig hunting dog. (click on the page numbers) - Pages - 1 2 3 4 6 

Staghounds - The old bush dogs, for fast game but they also do well on pigs.

Bull Mastiff/Great Dane - Size and power, a well proven cross in Australia.




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