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Klement Finder Hard Stopper (3/12/2016)

I bred this 18 month old bitch out of Thangool lined blue sire and Roma lined blue bitch.
Cattle and Kelpie 50 50 per cent.
The parents found and hard stopped over 1,000 pigs together and separately and were the lead dogs on my hunting safaris to help the customers dogs get started.

These dogs are designed to work all day in the lead and hard stop pigs by nailing them from behind.
Good for thick hard country where the pigs are fast and hard to stop with larger lugging dogs.
She covers the thick stuff and bails very hard for a young bitch.
She hunted with her brother and a cattle mastiff for 2.5 months straight this season up north in a team and all dogs have performed well with plenty of good finds in thick creek and tea tree country.
This dog has good aggression on pigs but knows how to not get hurt.

Storm is her name
18 months old entire bitch
18kgs in work
50cms at withers
Social with people
Social with dogs

Vet checked, wormed and vaccinated with paperwork

I guarantee the cheapest freight price to send these dogs to you across Australia and take care of all transport for you.
I can provide countless references on request about recent dog sales so you know you are getting quality.
Pay off terms on offer after deposit if required


Ring Matt Klement 0410 490 144 no txt msgs or email him info@klement.com.au


Long Range Ute/Ground Finder (1/12/2016)

5 year old Mastiff/Bloodhound/Greyhound x
Will find up to 3km in all terrain.
Dog is worked at least twice a week and is very fit.
He is stock and Roo proof and has no other bad habits.
This is a serious working dog, one out on any size pig.
He would also be ideal to train pups

$2,000.00 firm

Please call: 0459 411 786


Michka - Bullarab X Staghound (1/12/2016)

12 month old bitch
Been on 30 plus pigs, hanging really well
Finding on ground, works well around other dogs

Genuine reason for sale

$600 Ono

Goondiwindi, QLD



Rebel - Arab x Dane Mastiff (30/11/2016)

Desexed Bitch 2 1/2 years old
Finds off the ute and on the ground
Has done a lot of scrub and mountain work
Fully stock and Roo proof
Very obedient bitch

Regretful sale due to change in work commitments


Dalby, Qld



Wal - Dane Arab Pitty Bandog (30/11/2016)

Regretful sale due to work and having to move away
Wal finds off the ute and on the ground
Has done lots of different types of pigging in the mountains and in scrub
Is fully stock and Roo proof
Can be dominant to other male dogs
Best run on his own or with bitches or pups

Price to sell $1,250.00 with his plate

Dalby, Qld



Bullygreyhound x Wolfhound (30/11/2016)

18 month old female
Very fast and keen
Been used on all game, good stubble dog for fast boars

Central, NSW


Phone: 0423 638 976 - no text or time wasters


Bully Wolfhound Mastiff cross Bull Arab Catahoula (30/11/2016)

19 month old started dog
Been on around 30 pigs, has found off ute a couple of times
Bails very well one out and lugs hard with other dogs
Will be great long range finder in the right hands
Mother Bull Arab Catahoula, father Bully Wolfhound Mastiff

Reason for sale, not enough time or numbers to keep him going


Southern NSW area

Ph. Brad: 0447 916 367


Bull Arab (28/11/2016)

3 years old
Selling due to not enough work and going to waste.
Been up to Cape York twice
Very energetic dog
Been on a large number of pigs
Good one out dog


Northern NSW

Phone: 0457 407 192


TANGO (28/11/2016)

Friendly dog no fight in him,
He is 100 percent stock proof,
Works ground and starting off the ute,
Clean lugger
Only selling due to not enough time to hunt with working commitments.
Nice natured and really fast on open country


Phone: 0409 879 737


Wanted - Experienced Finder/Bailer or Lugger (27/11/2016)

Looking for Experienced Finder/Bailer or Lugger.
Must find off both ground and wind scent.
Kelpie breed preferred.

Phone: 0427 777 151


Shadow - Bullarab Pointer x Kelpie (25/11/2016)

She's 11 month old
Father is a Australian yard dog champion
Mum is a Arab x Pointer
Parents are both ute finders
She follows main dog off the ute, lugs with other dogs and she bails on her own


Oberon, NSW

Phone: 0450 170 630


Boof - Male 12 Months (24/11/2016)

Been on 20 pigs, has caught own
Jumps up, doing everything right
Nice leggy dog, fast, no fight, good on chain

$500 firm

Westmar, Qld



Wanted - Looking for a Young, Handy Ute Finder (23/11/2016)

Or will consider started dog with no bad habits

Prefer Qld, will pay top dollar for the right dog

No time wasters

Phone: 0427 560 673


Bull Arab Cross (22/11/2016)

1 1/2 years old
This is a very friendly hard working de-sexed bitch.
She has been trained alongside a very hard bitch for the last 8 months and is catching her own pigs one out now
She has no fear of big boars and is fast off the quad or on foot.
She has done a lot of ground work in the hills with the rest off quads in Brigalow country, so all nose work.
A tracking collar is recommended as she will travel ground scent up to a kilometre
She has hard feet and is very fit
She travels well in cages.
She would make a great addition to an existing crew or a one up dog
She is not gun shy and loves company




Buster - Purebred Kelpie (21/11/2016)

Male, 4 years old
Good with kids and quiet on the chain, very friendly fellow.
Very mobile too, is as fast as any dog I have seen hunting plains
Pulls pigs up quick, even in the mountains where I hunt, this dog is lightning
Stock, roo and wombat proof
Will lug only very small hogs but bails bigguns.
If another dog is holding the pig he will just keep barking
Has always been encouraged to bail and not hold.
Always keen off the ute, has hunted on foot and also from horseback.

$1,000- FIRM

Just south of Sydney, NSW.



Spelly - Kelpie (21/11/2016)

4yo male
Been on over 100 pigs, finding on the ground
Will hard bail and sit them down if on his own or nip front with another dog
No fight in him, heavy hand not needed
Rides quad, 2 wheeler and buggy
Very very obedient
Been there and done it all
Will also muster up goats if sent back

$650 firm

Based in Vic, but can get to Sydney or Adelaide



TESS - Ridgeback Boxer Kelpie Bitch (21/11/2016)

2 years old, a hard-arse end lugger
She's around 28kg fit
Has found off the ute/ground for me but needs to be hunted regularly
Stock and Roo proof, jumps on and off ute
She is a super affectionate dog great around house and people
Good dog, I just can't give her the work she needs, just being wasted, needs good hunting home

$600 Firm

Mildura, VIC

Message or Call Kym: 0428 331 123


Bull Arab Bitch (18/11/2016)

17 months old
Very loyal, energetic, quick and obedient dog
Is finding from ute but not consistent
Needs more work and would suit a regular hunter
Stock and Roo proof


Rockhampton, CQ area

Phone: 0428 344 648


Pepper - O'halloran Hounds Mastiff x (18/11/2016)

3 year old entire female
Selling due to not enough work
Good backup dog who finds off the back of the ute and very energetic.
She has been on a large number of pigs.
She has also had 1 litter of pups who at 10months old, the feedback we have had is they have become good guard dogs and are showing a lot of potential on pigs.
Microchipped, vaccinationed and wormed

Buyer must fix all travel costs

$1,200.00 ono

Dalby, Qld

Phone Nathan 0428 937 971 or email: liz_johno@hotmail.com


Bull Arab Bitch (17/11/2016)

8 Months Old
Micro-chipped and vaccinated
Both parents are ute and ground finders
Been out and on a pig, had a bit of a go, using her nose
Jumps on and off ute most times, follows other dogs
Plenty of drive
Willing to freight at your expense


Ipswich, Qld

Phone Mat. 0417 613 116


Lexi - Bullarab X Dane (17/11/2016)

Mother: Arab x Dane line bred
Father: Lee Payne Bullarab
Starting to Ute find in crop and western country where there are good numbers
Ground finds in mountain country, follows main dogs for Km's
Bails with my bailers
Lugs with luggers (needs an ear or she wont lug)
Will catch her own under the light and out of the mob

Reason for sale, Lexi is not hard enough to run with ute finders that bail/hold, I need a hard dog to walk into the pigs.


Brisbane north



Cleo - Bull Arab Bitch (16/11/2016)

Brian Neal line bred by Ben Lancaster
17 months old, high energy and very responsive and friendly
She jumps on and off the ute most of the time.
Has had minimal work hence the reason for sale
Cleo has seen about 10-12 pigs and has bailed hard at the start and started lugging with other dogs
Hasn't worked on her own yet.
Has done limited stock proofing, but hasn't chased anything she shouldn't so far.
Recently had her parvo booster, and worming up to date


Tenterfield, Northern NSW

Please call Brendan (no text) 0423 264 661


Brain Neal Paulson Girl (14/11/2016)

5 months old
Lovely nature good with kids and other dogs
She has seen about 3 pigs did have a bit of a go
Selling as no fault of her own

Can help with transport to some places

More info. phone: 0447 223 302


Arab Pointer Bitch (13/11/2016)

5.5 years old 28kg
Mainly a drop dog, but has found a couple of pigs when walking creeks but not a ute or a quad finder.
Can whine a little on the ute.
Roo and stock proof

$600 or $700 with chestplate

Jandowae, Qld



PIRATE - Bull Arab (12/11/2016)

4 years old
Very large Arab
Obedient, good natured and lugs hard.

Sad to sell, but just don't have time to hunt with him.




PATCH - Bull Arab (12/11/2016)

3 years old
Great finder off the ute and on the ground, lugs hard.

Sad to sell, but just don't have time to hunt with her


Phone Derrin: 0407 131 988


Two Lightly Started Dogs - Ian Colley Line (11/11/2016)

Proven high stamina finders

These dogs will find both on the ground and off the ute.
Both have been out a couple of times and seen a few pigs.
Both having a go.

They are both out of a Gus/Taz bitch, the last litter by Gus.

$400 each

Parkes, NSW



Tank - Mastiff Dane x Bullarab Bitch (11/11/2016)

2.5 years old, has been on a handful of pigs
Lugs hard and is stock proof

Selling her for no fault of her own, just don't have time to hunt her


Wollongong, NSW

Phone Daniel: 0421 413 043


Working Kelpies (8/11/2016)

Were used to work sheep and goats but last 12-18months have been focused on pigs and love it, now a bit hard on sheep


Finds on the ground and starting to find off the ute dozen odd finds
Very obedient, loyal and loving 4yo
No bullshit bitch, very hard with pigs, sometimes too hard lol, yes she lugs up!
Very eager to learn and great with kids and family

First to see will buy

$1,200 firm (SOLD)


Ground finder and 4 ute finds so far
4 yo, very easy to teach and a very hard bailer
Been on over 50 pigs this year
Fathered his first litter of pups 6 months ago and they are at training as we speak

Great to add to a team or run on their own
Both ride ute , quad and 2 wheeler and get up, go back, look and get over

$1,000 firm



NQ Bullhound Bitch (5/11/2016)

18 months, bred by Bruce Smith
Lugs, catches her own pig out of mob, starting to use nose off ute.
Stock proof
Good with kids

Very regretful sale, NO TIME WASTERS




Hound - Pure Bloodhound (5/11/2016)

3 year old bitch
Bought as a pup from hunting lines in Victoria
She has been lightly worked as a young dog, finding and bailing pigs
Hasn't been worked for 18 months and is going to waste
Would suit work or breeding



Ph: 0427 319 615


Bear - Collie x (4/11/2016)

16 Months old
Started on pigs, been on 7
Hangs and bails hard, has the potential to become a ground finder.
Very keen, uses nose a lot
High energy, faithful and obedient
Rides ute and quad well, going to waste.

Only to a good home.


Charters Towers, QLD

Text Neil : 0497 910 701


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