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Stretch - Stag Mastiff cross Bully Boxer Cattle (31/08/2014)

18 month old, started dog

Seen 60+
Been running with my older dog
Will hold any size pig, hard lugger
Stock proof
Hunting weight 38 kg


Phone Beau: 0467 358 772 or 03 5360 8329


Arab Boxer Bandog (31/08/2014)

Roughly 2 years old
Good strong dog
Follows the main dog off the ute, has found before by himself, will lug
Stock proof


No time wasters

Call Phil: 0449 995 569


Wolfhound Dane Bull Arab (30/08/2014)

14 months old, Male
Started working and has been on half dozen pigs
Lugged first pig I put him on unsighted and found 400m into thick scrub, held by other dog
Using nose and keen sight from ute

Selling as he is a wasted dog with me not being able to run him due to other commitments
Will not disappoint and from 30 years experience know this dog will make a excellent hunting dog.


Inverell, NSW

Contact Darrell on 0459 139 767



Stretch, 11 months old
Raised on a horse ranch
Jumps in and out of ute.
Only been hunted twice
Went all the way with the other dogs and just barked an inch from the pigs nose
Huge bark like a Great Dane
Covers ground in seconds
Wants to work and loves to ute and ground scent
Quiet in the yard
No fight in him
Great in thick scrub
Great family dog, very alert and obedient.
Endless stamina, can run all day
Needs more work of course


Wollongong, NSW

Ph. Wayne 0414 633 614


Cas - Stag Dane x Bullygrey (30/08/2014)

Bitch 9 months old
Jump on an off truck, will lug
one blue eye


Cootamundra, N.S.W 2590

Contact Jake 0478 061 342 no text please


Jet - Stag Greybully (30/08/2014)

Male, 10 months old
Jumps fences, jump on and off ute
Worked under light
Broken in on foxes and hares


Cootamundra, N.S.W 2590



Dane Bully Pointer (29/08/2014)

2 1/2 year old dog
Finds off ute, bike and on the ground
Big hard and fast caught plenty of pigs
One out no problems good around stock and roos
very obedient no nonsense dog, hunted mountain, crop and flat country

Regretful sale good home only

No text, time wasters, can help with transport at buyers expense.

$2,200 firm (Sold Pending Payment)

Contact: 0475 799 602


Klement Bull Arab Bitch - Princess (29/08/2014)

Started at 6 months of age on pigs with older dogs to test if she had prey drive and hunt, did well
3.25 years of age approx and in her prime ready for one out action or run with a pack
I kept her as a breeder as she is out of the best two dogs I have had but due to the soft economy I must sell her which I regret
She has flawless Bull Arab markings and a lovely temperament
Will be an excellent finder with more work off the ute and on the ground and a good lugger like the rest of my Bull Arabs are
Social with kids, dogs and not interested in cattle or wallabies

I can provide as many references as you need and have sold roughly 500 dogs in the past 5 years
So request them if you are unsure and you can ring as many people as you want to check how good they are

I offer the cheapest price on freight Australia wide so you get increased value for money.


Email Matt Klement or ring no txts please 0410 490 144 info@klement.com.au


Klement Bull Arab Working Bitch (29/08/2014)

50% Anderson 50% Cauchi Lines out of the pride of my stock
2.5 years old approx
33kg in work
66cm at the withers
Been out hunting lately and caught 24 pigs with a finder bailer and finder holder, performed above my expectations
Finds on ground and works well on and off Ute
Goes one out and lugs hard
Very fast dog and handles heat well
Disinterested in cattle and kangaroos
Best looking bitch I have bred for years with tricolour chocolate tan and white markings (rare as)
Will throw awesome pups if you choose to breed eventually
Vet checked, heart wormed, wormed and vaccinated

Can provide recent references of dogs that sold if you want to check how good they are


Ring Matt Klement 0410 490 144 (no txts answered) or email him info@klement.com.au


Bully Dane x Wolf Stag Arab (29/08/2014)

Female almost 3 years old, 26 1/2" to shoulder, 37kg
Very fast bitch and holds her speed well for good distances
Has tons of drive, very agile and great endurance
Super keen, always hangs out side of ute looking, sniffing etc all night, she won't lie down
110% Stock, Roo, rabbit, emu proof
Awesome nature, gets on great with people/kids and other dogs
Quiet on chain and around yard, very obedient

Very regretful sale as she just doesn't travel far enough for me with her utefinds (very short range)
She is great on the ground though (hotsent) and awesome at sighting from the ute/ground or spotlighting/running stubble etc.

I am currently hunting here on sorghum stubble, wheat/sorghum crops
Thick Waiteawhile covered mountains surrounding the crops, Brigalow cattle country and lignum river country where she hunts it all well


Roma South West Qld



Tira - Catahoula (28/08/2014)

21 mo female
Finding off the ute, but not main dog yet
Rides ute, quad and two wheeler
Works well with other dogs
Stock, Roo, sheep and bat proof
For a small, agile family inside/outside bitch 15-20kg, she is hard as nails
Lugs up no problem and has taught pups
Will run all day, and is fit as

Can transport to Sydney no probs.

No mess arounds, will sell quick
$1200 firm




Burr Lee Bully Stag (27/08/2014)

11 months old jumps on an off the ute
Lugs, will run with lead dog
Great with kids, regretfully for sale

No time wasters or txt msgs


Ph: 0403 516 394


SNORT - Wolfhound X Bully Grey (26/08/2014)

He is one of those dogs that needs a lot of work
If your not prepared to go hunting at least once or twice a week then he is not the dog for you
He has grown up in the country and needs to stay in the country
Hunts off Ute and Quad
Has no malice towards other dogs

Comes with money back guarantee


Coolah Area, NSW

Phone Don: 02 6886 3568


STITCH - Bull Arab Wolfhound Staghound X (26/08/2014)

3 Y/O
Stitch has seen a lot of pigs works well off a quad and ute but can be hot and cold.
She is extremely fast always first on the scene.
Will only bail big pigs on her own, will lug with other dogs.
100% Stock & roo proof.
Would be a good dog to start a pup with.
Good natured dog good around the house and with kids.


Taroom, Qld

Call 0488 154 153 or 07 4627 9299


Nippa - Kelpie Cross (25/08/2014)

Finder Lugger, 4 1/2 year old
Experienced ute, quad and boat finder
Great stamina, heaps of drive and very obedient bitch. Unreal for training young pups
Hunted at least 2 to 3 times a week from 11 months of age
I recommend running a lugging dog with her as she is only small and doesn't back down
Not a long range finder normally around 300-400 meters
Hunts manly crops and creeks, would make a top cane dog

Only selling because I'm moving back into town

$2,000 with breast plate

Please contact Wayne on: 0413 550 739


Mastiff x Bitch (24/08/2014)

16 months of age
Jumps on and off bike and ute, finds on ground.
Starting to find off bike, lugs hard on own or with another dog.
Does not fight, 100% stock proof, easy to handle dog


Border Collie Bitch

7 months of age
Strong working lines
Good natured dog, going to waste and is ready to go on with
No vices


Genuine sale

Anthony 0417 600 284


Bull Arab (23/08/2014)

16 month old Blue & White male
Been on and caught around 50 pigs with main dog
Jumps at night with main dog but starting to work the tray himself
100% stock and roo proof
Swings hard
Good with kids and other dogs/cats
Jumps on and off the ute


Barcaldine, QLD



Genuine Ute Finder (23/08/2014)

Needs to be utilised as the main dog
Suit professional hunter
No nonsense dog
Will find catch and hold any size pigs

Money back guarantee
Only selling due to personal circumstances


No time wasters please



Pitty Dane Pointer Mastiff (22/08/2014)

2 year old female (Red Dog)
Finds short range on and off the ute
110% stock, roo, bat proof
Excellent around the house and children
Very hard dog
She won't jump off the ute at anytime unless there is a really fresh scent
she won't west your time
Good guard dog

$1000 (SOLD)

Bully Stag Dane

2 and half years old female (White Dog)
Finds on and off the ute short range
Very fast and hard dog
stock, roo, bat proof
Best dog I've ever had around the house and children and a top guard dog


Both dogs are short range finders at mountain and very hard blackberry country where I hunt
They definitely find a lot better in flat land
I bought both of them around two thousand dollars mark each


Please ring me on 0435 397 326 if interested


Bullarab x Bull Mastiff x Wolfhound (22/08/2014)

15 month old male
Been on about 80-100 pigs
Will catch his own from a mob and follows main dog
Is a clean lugger, jumps fences and jumps on the ute or quad when he feels like it
Both parents are ute finders
He will make a awesome dog with more work
stock proof
He is friendly and gets along with other dogs





WANTED (21/08/2014)

Looking for a Kelpie or Kelpie cross finder/bailer
Must hunt mainly thick mountain and pine country
No bad habits
Stock, roo and wombat proof
Be good around the yard & with other dogs


Phone: 0450 802 193


Bullarab Wolfhound x (21/08/2014)

18 month , bitch
Will hold any pig 1 out
Clean lugger, will grab her own out of mobs.
Starting to find off ute with main dog more work will be very handy.
Roo and stock proof

Selling due to family commitments and no time to hunt.

Dog is currently at Tara getting worked




Mastiff x Cattle (21/08/2014)

2 years old, been on over 100 pigs
100% stock proof lugs hard hold any size pig
Mainly used as a drop dog but will find short range
Good on chain & with kids
Jumps on & off ute
Gets along with other males

Moving to W.A. can only take one dog, so he has to go

Tully FNQ - can deliver between Tully & Broome after 29th Aug

$450. (Sold Pending payment)

Call Colin on: 0401 877 327


Mastiff x Dane (20/08/2014)

18 month old male
Been on and caught around 50 pigs
Catches own and finds on the ground
100% stock and roo proof
Extremely hard Luger
Good with kids and other dogs
Jumps on and off the ute


Tamworth, NSW

John: 0407 480 339


Peter - Pure Bull Arab (19/08/2014)

18months old
Lugs hard, finds on ground, but not off ute.


Orange, NSW 2800



Wolfhound Greyhound Bully (18/08/2014)

Female 2 years old, desexed
Lugs hard, well trained and has found on ground
100+ pigs
Stock and Roo proof


Mount Isa, Qld

Phone: 0413 916 403


Mastiff Bully Boxer Cattle Wolfhound (17/08/2014)

Regretful sale

Showing a lot of potential, already lugging & is good with kids


Gunnedah, NSW

Phone: 0448 291 453 - I am a shift worker, if I miss your call or text I'll get back to you


Pitty Arab Mastiff (14/08/2014)

12 months old been on heaps of pigs
Lugs hard, finds on the ground, stock proof
Jumps on the ute
Good on the chain and in the yard and he is obedient
This dog with more work will be an awesome ute finder as he is keen on the nose and learns very quickly
Hunted in crops and mountains
Vaccinated and wormed

$1000 firm

Tamworth, NSW

Call: 0448 510 768


3/4 Stag 1/4 Bully Bitch (13/08/2014)

10 and a half months old
27kg 25.5inchs at shoulder
Started on pigs, jumps on ute and in dog box
very obedient, not desexed very quite around the house
Never has shown interest in our cats, chooks, sheep and cows

Has been working off the ute with my main dogs and showing plenty of interest
She is extremely fast and lugs smaller pigs and has also bailed good boars with my main dogs.


Lucknow, NSW 2800

Phone Tim on 0447 749 045


Bully x Stag (12/08/2014)

2 and half year old desexed male
Has found on ground and lugs extremely hard
Jumps on the ute, catches his own and follows my main dogs all the way
Just done a trip to Cape York last month
Never shown interest in stock or Roos since I've owned him
Great with other dogs and around the house


Located near Orange, NSW

Contact: 0400 660 968


2 Bull Arab Dogs (11/08/2014)

Genuine reason for sale, only selling them as I am unable to give them the work they want and require
Stock and roo proof

Buster - Bluff Bull Arab (Liver Nose)

Three year old Dog
47 kg working weight.
Been worked off ute and quad.
Very fast/agile and lugs hard on big boars

$900 (SOLD)

Rory - Warrego Bull Arab

Two and half year old dog
Been worked of ute and quad but goes better on the ground, hunts out well in scrub
Very fast and agile, lugs hard on any size pig


Located at Kabra near Rockhampton, Central Qld, price reduced, must sell

Phone: 0487 191 941 - No text messages


Bull Arab Male (10/08/2014)

7 months old, started on pigs the last couple of weeks
Lugging confidently
Parents both handy dogs
Very friendly with adults and kids


Wondai, SE Qld

Ph. 0417 070 530 - No Text messages please


Wolfhound x Bull Mastiff x Bull Arab (9/08/2014)

3 yr old bitch
Stock and roo proof
Lead dog, lugs hard, finds off ute and quad but not long range
Hunted mainly flat cropping country and thick timbered sand ridges
Jumps on ute, rides quad well
Gets along well with other dogs, excellent around kids
Has had a couple of litters, great mum 11 pups in last litter
Normally runs without breast plate but will sell with one practically brand new
She is a good natured, reliable hunting dog

Selling due to moving and can't take with me


Mungindi, NSW

Ph: Davo 0428 258 674


Cattle x Arab bitch (6/08/2014)

2 year old, 28-30kg
Good natured, gets along with other dogs and people, good around kids
Been on about 100 pigs.
Lugs hard and jumps with main dogs, not ute finding as yet
Jumps on and off ute on demand
Fit dog.

Very regretful sale., genuine interest only
Call or message for more details or pictures.


Sunshine Coast, Qld



ABBA Registered Brian Neal Bull Arab X Chiller Dog (6/08/2014)

4 yr bitch
Been on thousands of pigs
Can hold any pig one out 100% stock and roo proof
Selling as breeding bitch as she seems to have lost her prey drive after her last litter
Excellent mum with any pups, last litter was 13 pups
Very quiet around the house and other dogs
No heavy hand or she will not hunt for you at all

Selling due to work commitments


Mackay, QLD

Phone: 0409 531 863


Cleaver - Boxer Terrier Stag (5/08/2014)

2.5 year old bitch
30 kg working weight
Works off bike and ute.
Stock and roo proof, great with my kids and other dogs.
Lugs hard on big boars.
Will only hold on her own.
Won't leave the bike or ute for small pigs


Coonamble NSW

Ph: 0400 566 878


Turbo - Bully Cattle Boxer (4/08/2014)

2 years old
Hard and fast will catch his own out of mob
Used on pigs and scrub bulls
Very loyal but needs a firm hand as he is head strong


Ph: 0401 154 363


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