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Straight cross Bully Stag (29/06/2016)

18 months old
Consistent ute and ground finder, around 1.5 km distance, quad finder but mainly used as ute finder
Normally driving along about 50km hours when he flies off ute
Very hard lugger, one out any size boar
Full stock and roo proof, no fight in him at all
Very good with other males, no nonsense dog, very good on chain or pen, never hear from him
Loves kids, very friendly dog, a pleasure to have around
With big regret, selling

No txt or time wasters

$2,500 firm, not negotiable

Toowoomba, Qld

Phone: 0423 071 724


Bully Cattle Ridgeback (28/06/2016)

2 year old bitch
Good hard bitch, great nose on the ground
Will work the ute with other dogs, swings hard

$500 firm

Near Goondiwindi, Qld

Call: 0457 166 125


Bully Dane Mastiff Bitch (28/06/2016)

11 months old
Full stock and roo proof
Hard clean lugger, finds on ground, starting to find off ute
Not selling as ute finder yet, not far off for her step up herself
Still a puppy, loves kids, very friendly

No text at all or time wasters


Phone: 0412 073 109


Arab Cattle Greyhound x (27/06/2016)

15 month old, male
Stock proof, jumps on and off ute, fast
Been on plenty of pigs, found own pigs, runs well with other dogs
Good around house and on chain.

Selling due to lack of use, letting a good dog go to waste


Hunter Valley, NSW

Ph: 0435 100 124


Staghound Bitch (26/06/2016)

Great natured dog, good with kids and other dogs
She is stock proof, also jumps on and off the ute and lugs
Follows main dog, she has had a few finds of her own just needs some more consistent work
Very fast bitch


Call: 0437 049 728


Stag Lab x (25/06/2016)

18 month old bitch
Seen plenty of pigs
Good strong clean holder, handles good boars on her own
Needs more work

$500 firm

Call for more info. 0438 308 300


Ruger - Bull Arab x Bull Arab Boxer (25/06/2016)

Nearing 7 months old.
Beautiful strong bitch, lovely natured, super athletic, fast bitch
Will mature 30-35kg.
Has had a few barks at some pigs
Great little guard dog, have not had enough time off work to take her out as much as she needs
Would excell with another dog
Comes from guaranteed bloodlines of over 25 plus years
Grandfather Chuck won the Dog a Hog high jump comp. a few years ago at 7 yrs old, his first and only comp.
Both parents used for bulk chiller work
Great little dog going to waste
Will turn into lead dog with the right training, very keen young pup

Please no time wasters


Dalby qld

Ph: 0458 009 851 - for more info.


Pure Bullarab Bitch (25/06/2016)

Ute finder/ground finder, goes out about 1km
Lugs any size pig one out
100% Roo and stock proof
Selling due to not 100% bat proof


Call Tom for anymore information: 0400 709 489


Started Bailer - Catahoula x Black Mouth Cur (23/06/2016)

Male, 7 months old
Both parents excellent bailers/finders
Good dog at home very obedient and good nature
Very leggy and fast
Had all vaccinations and is microchipped
Comes from good lines, well bred dog

$500 firm

Barraba, NSW

Ph: 0487 982 200


Male Red Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog x Staffy (22/06/2016)

Tuff is 16month old
Lugs and will bail on his own, starting to use his nose
Needs more work, has worked off ute and bike
Stock proof, very obedient great with kids
Could be deaf in one ear


Surat, Qld



Bull Arab Dane x Pointer Dane Arab (20/06/2016)

14 month old female 34kg
Been out on 4 hunting trips, been on 20 pigs
Friendly bitch, very fast and energetic
Follows main dog off the ute, quad or ground every time
Great around kids and other dogs does not fight
Vaccinated and Microchipped not desexed

This dog would suit a mature owner with a lead dog so she can continue to learn the basics
She won't be a one out pig dog, she is not hard enough
Would make a good finder bailer with more work.


Rosanna, Victoria



Male Arab x Hound (19/06/2016)

2.5 yo entire, currently 46kg
Medium to long range ute and ground finder
Needs another dog to help hold pigs
Comes with neck collar
Roo and stock proof, hates cats

Jandowae, Qld

Ph: 07 4668 8741


Tuff - Male Bullarab Bullmastiff (19/06/2016)

12 Month Old
Has been out few times and lugs on ear, been on 3-5 pigs
But Very keen, fast, jumps on off back of Ute/Cage
Don't have pigs or time for him
As Drought and wild dog baiting and always working
Parents both hard Luggers and go along way to find pigs off ute


Central Queensland, can deliver to Emerald and Rockhampton on Wednesday 22nd



Bull Arab Bitch (16/06/2016)

Finds off the ground, lugs hard
Has found off ute but NOT selling as a ute finder
Fully stock proof, good with kids and other dogs
Mainly used as a breeding bitch, excellent mother, throws good pups


Phone: 0437 917 213 - no time wasters or txts


Jack - Wolfhound x (15/06/2016)

4 years old
Clean lugs the ear, guaranteed ground finder
With time will be finding off the ute
I've had him for two years an hasn't disappointed me once
Works well with bitches an young dogs
First with the money will take him, he will not dissapoint


Clermont, Qld

Call or txt Dan on 0448 754 416


JD - Male Bull Arab (15/06/2016)

Approx. 5 1/2 yrs old.
Hasn't been worked in a couple of years, just the occasional hunt.
Has been on heaps of pigs
Was finding off ute, ground and quad.
Only selling as a lugger.
Good with other dogs and kids.
Stock proof
Trackers are a must

Only selling as I don,t go out much anymore
Would suit someone who hunts a few times a week
Regretful sale


Darwin, NT

Phone: Clayton 0466 240 307


Charlie - Bullarab (14/06/2016)

Female entire, 3.5 yrs old
Lugs hard catches own pig
Been on 150+ pigs
Very keen on ute or 4 wheeler, won't take much to get her back into ute finding
I just dont go often enough anymore, stock and Roo proof
Excellent with my kids, loves too please you, very loyal bitch
Solid head, very nice for a bitch, throws nice big litters
Make your money back with first litter


Townsville, Qld

Phone: 0400 267 539


Snowy - Bull Arab cross Bull terrier American bulldog - PUP TRAINER (12/06/2016)

Male, Approx 5- 6 yr old, guaranteed finder holder
100% Stock/Roo proof, tracker a must
This dog has done it all, hunted full head thick crop, stubble, scrub, hunted the gulf country and also thick Cane. Experienced pig dog, really excels in full head sorghum, often showing up the older more experienced dogs
Biggest pig went 150kg with 2 other dogs
Hunts off the ute and ground
Great dog for walking creek lines and scrub as he goes out wide and doesn't stick to you while walking
Is a phenomenal dog to train young pups
Has recently just lost a top canine however has not effected his holding power at all
Real hard dog that is very versatile
Mainly used as a teacher for younger pups and has become one of my main dogs
Only reason for sale is don't get out enough, top lead dog going to waste

$1,000 firm

Dalby, Qld



Boxer Cattle Cross (10/06/2016)

Female, 22 month old
Hunts off ute, quad and ground
Very quick dog Been on 20+ pigs
Great around kids and house
Never chased Roos or stock
Only selling as she is going to waste, as I have no time to hunt at the moment due to baby on the way


Wollongong, NSW

Phone: 0401 651 898


Cloud - Bullarab Cross (9/06/2016)

3yr old bitch
Started at 6 months and has been on around 100 good boars
Finds out to around 500m
Will find and hold good hogs on a short find or sight work
But when having to go a long way she will only bail
Has done good finds on fresh scent out to 1.6 to 2.1km
Only fault of this bitch is if more then two dogs on a pig she will let go after she starts to get hot and grab the tail.
100% stock and Roo proof
Friendly natured dog and is good with other dogs and bitches

$1,000 to the right home

Nebo, Qld



Dane x Mastiff (9/06/2016)

5 and a half year old, entire male
50kg, Fast, powerful, agile dog
Short to med. range finder
Trackers a must
A no nonsense experienced dog
Works off ute
Stock/Roo proof, good manners
Beaut nature

Duncan plate and Garmin trackers included
Regretful sale due to work/lifestyle change

$2,500 firm

Rockhampton, Qld

Ph. 0423 680 535


Klement Dane Mastiff Wolfhound (8/06/2016)

This one out style of finder holder dog has loads of prey drive and work in him
He is to go to someone who probably hunts on their own and wants to hunt this dog by itself without any help from other dogs.
He was been on roughly 20 pigs and lugs very hard.
He has a loud bark and you can hear him for miles.
He is already a watchdog and alerts you to people.
He was started on pigs in sandy forests out west last year before the wet season and is finding and lugging pigs on the ground.
He will find off the ute consistently with more work and development.

3 yr old entire dog
36kgs in work
65cms at withers
Social with people
Vet checked, wormed and vaccinated with paperwork
Plenty of fight drive in this dog and a hard mouth for holding the big stuff

I guarantee the cheapest freight price to send these dogs to you across Australia and take care of all transport for you.
I can provide countless references on request about recent dog sales so you know you are getting quality.

Pay off terms on offer after deposit
Be quick as he won't last long


Ring Matt Klement 0410 490 144 no txt msgs or email him: info@klement.com.au


Bull Arab (7/06/2016)

QLD Line
Male, 16 months old
Been on dozen pigs
Jumps on and off ute
Will jump fence for pig
Vaccination and Micro chipped
Good around yard and kids
Never chase Roos or stock


Mildura, Victoria

Phone: 0429 111 198



Red Cattle x (6/06/2016)

2 years old, back up for sale
Ground finder bitch will bail them and grab nuts time to time when other dogs get there
Has found off the quad and ute but not selling as quad or ute finder, not constant.
Will make a cracker dog woth more work..
100% stock proof
She just needs more work



Phone: 0437 659 728


Boots - Dane x Bandog Bitch (6/06/2016)

30kgs, 4yr old
Has caught plenty of pigs
Jumps on/off ute, very fast dog
Lugs any size pig, finds on ground and has found off ute
Stock and everything proof
Heaps of stamina

$1,000 quick sale


Phone: 0438 118 129 - please no txt or time wasters


Greyhound Bully x Healer (5/06/2016)

2 years old
Strong bailer, will go on with back up
Nails biggest pig of the mob everytime
Good nature, Roo and stock proof
Starting to find off the ute
Selling due to wanting a one out dog

Melbourne, Vic.

Contact Geoff: 0413 706 051


Zag - 3yo Bitsa (2/06/2016)

Unsure of the exact breeding
This dog will not hesitate to lug any sized pig
He's been on 25/30 odd pigs, all averaging the 70kg mark
Does find off the ute on fresh scent on some occasions an also on the ground
He's quick, nothing will get away from him an he lugs like a tick
Only getting rid of him because don't have the work


Central Qld

Call or txt Dan: 0448 754 416


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