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-Due North-

A trip North for a few of the participants on the Boardogs forum was first talked about last year and finally came to fruition in July 04. For 6 days hunting we managed to bag 119 pigs, over 50 of these being good boars. Over the next few pages I would like to share a few photos of a very memorable trip. Scrub Bulls, Dingoes and Brumbies were common sights each day and helped provide us with some dog tucker when required. Our planned camping and hunting area proved to be inaccessible because of water, we can only imagine what it would have been like. There was supposed to be thousands there, but the area we hunted kept us busy enough.

The Team, back left: Phil, Mark, Me. Front left: Mick, Jamie, Country

Phil's truck at Musgrave, well and truly loaded with fuel and tucker. Not much room left in the rear springs.

Country, Jamie and Mark can't get away from cyber hunting. Believe it or not we were loading way points into a GPS from a mapping program in the computer so we could find our intended hunting area while Jamie helped out a station owner. He would follow after he finished, at least this way we would all end up in the same spot.

Country with a dingo shot on the way in, these were a common sight.

Rifle was a 22/250.

One for Phil also. We managed a small sow on the drive but no other pigs were spotted. Rifle was a 22/250.

Boar number one caught by Country's two Bull Arabs. This boar was with a couple of others out feeding on the flood plains at 10am in the morning, after it took us over 4 hours to find a way across the first water obstacle. With a lot of winching we made it.

Country with the second boar of the trip, about 4 K's further in. he was lying under a tree beside the track and when the second vehicle went past he decided there were better places to be. Right place wrong time.

These hogs look like they mean business

Mark with our first scrub bull. He fed the dogs for a while and provided a handy pig bait. Unfortunately the pigs hadn't found him before we left. The 22/250 again.

Unfortunately a fair distance away for a good photo but it gives you an idea. This mob was out feeding at 12.30pm. Note the amount of pig rooting in front of the green swamp grass.

This boar was leaving his bed beside a large swamp when we happened upon him. We were trying to access our planned camping and hunting area at the time.




 Copyright 1998-2013 by Ian Colley