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Info supplied by Aidy and Matt S:




Some info on Bull Mastiff x Great Dane's as told to Aidy by Matt S a mate of Aidy's who hunt's with them and breeds them. He's been hunting with them for approximately 9 years and breeding for the last 7 years and has caught hundreds of pigs with them.








How early do they start? They start from 3months depending on Which way they throw, generally speaking Matt's found that the Dane types start earlier than the Mastiff types.

When do you start them? Matt starts his own dogs at 5months.

Do they work on hot or cold scent? Matt's found that this depends on the individual, he finds that trackers are necessary with this breed.





Will they go looking or so they wait until you walk/drive across scent? They go looking.

Are they holders or bailers? No bailing just holders.

What are the bloodlines of your dogs? Matt's dogs are basically Bull Mastiff cross Great Dane, he breeds the best he's got together, and if someone has a dog of similar breeding that's better he'll use that. Matt tries to keep hold of his good
bitches as he's found they've been the building blocks of his line.






Are they better off the truck or off the ground? Like any good pig dog once trained and given enough work they'll find off the ground and off the truck, he finds they work better off the truck, Matt say's "work is the key".

Do they have any bad points? The honest answer is yes. They are big (between 40and 75kg) and do eat a lot especially as pup's [Aidy's been there at feed time] and any dog that eats, shits so there's a bit of cleaning up involved with them. Over all they are pretty placid and are good with kids, and will catch pigs.










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