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More Bull Arabs

From Paul who hails from Maitland and 'Auto'. He is almost 5 years old, his first encounter with pigs was when he was 4 months old and he went straight in with the other dogs.

He was a slow maturing dog not catching his first decent pig till he was 11 months old. After that there was no stopping him, he has caught his fair share of good boars, the biggest being 80kg dressed weight. He finds well off the back of the Ute and the ground. One hunting encounter Paul went to Walget with a mate for Christmas 2004, we had 4 dogs and bagged 28 pigs in three nights, Auto caught 15 pigs, all of these being good boars in 2 nights despite taking 5 good hits in the first night. Paul's mate had three dogs and they caught the rest. Ever since then my mate nick named him the "boar dog". Paul is happy with the breeds overall hunting ability and stamina.

This is Rips new Bull Arab. he got it off a mate in Mackay. She has already caught him a couple of pigs up in the mountains.

Sheldon's two dogs are from the well known Paulson line. The male 'Jet' is 2 and a half years old and the pup is around 10 weeks in the photos.


Another good boar for Cooke, pictured with his young BA.

And Cooke's new apprentice getting the feel of things to come.

Rob with a good cane boar, one of Cooke's Arabs in the background.

Below: Stitch a 12month old Bull Arab cross. Hand reared from 4 days old when his mother was bitten by a snake while piggin.

Stitch has only been on one trip and shows plenty of good sign. His mother (Loopy) had a great nose and was always keen to find the big one.

Hopefully we will enjoy many trips with Stitch as he develops.


Nathan,  Charters Towers Qld

The next two photo's are a little different. Lilly was adopted from the RSPCA and is not used for hunting, however Lilly's owner says they make fantastic pets for all ages. Most of us know that dogs bred for hunting are a very stable addition to any household.

We own a very lovely black BA and would love to feature her on your site?

We don't hunt her but she is a very valuable family member and protector to our 5 children.
She was bred here in Canberra by a guy who also has kids and hunts both parents, she does show some interest in pigs when she sees or hears them but not being a hunter myself I have never taken her out.

We take her camping with us at every chance we get and have found her to be the most intelligent and easy to get along with dog that I have ever owned.

we have never had to train her as she picked up on what we wanted her to do, be gentle with the kids including out 10 month old daughter, stay close when camping, don't chase roos or stock and generally watch the camp.

She makes an excellent guard dog too with her very deep bark!
We love her to bits and thought we would share her story with you.

I think it shows the other side of the coin for these dogs as even though she's a "pig dog" breed she's also our perfect, loyal and trustworthy family pet. I have met other BA who are just like she is and when the time comes I will be getting another one, I think I have found the perfect breed.

Cheers The Lawrence Family ACT

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