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More Bull Arabs

An update from Cooke (20th March 2004) of his current team.




Mini the rough head white bitch is the main enforcer finding and catching the majority of pigs over the last few months, not pretty but definitely has it in her.


Ox  is about 18 months old and pulls his weight. He finds well off the Ute and hangs hard. seems to hang better on his own than with other dogs. Once this dog gets some age under his belt he will be a 1 dog army.



Angel the liver and white bitch is 6 months old and going really well. she has hung every pig she has seen ( about 15) she has a great nose and is starting to hunt out well on her own. she caught her own pig on her 2nd hunt only a small sow about 20kg but a pig still.




Hammer is 5 1/2 months and has been on about 10 pigs. He is hanging real hard already and is starting to hunt out with the other dogs and has followed Mini on a long find on the last trip.


Ox holding a sow above. All of Cooke's dogs are Bull Arabs, the bitches are both Poulson and the males are from Fortini.



Here is a pic of Cookie's mates pup he picked up off Paulson at Christmas '03. Good looking bitch. he has had a pup out of the same parents and was hard as shit at 12 months and catching real well. She got bitten by a snake at Julia Creek a few years back.



Here's a couple of pics from Ray of  a weekend in early '04, caught with his Arabs, two boars one around 60kg and the other over 100kg. the pigs were hard to find as it was very wet, we spent 9 hrs bogged the first day. the bigger of the boars ripped my cattle x bad in the neck and put three holes right through my B/A belting neck collar. (do use plates just waiting on some new one's) the big one is the largest we've caught off this property.




One of 9 good pigs caught in late Jan 04 by Ray's and Bert's dogs.



This bitch belongs to a mate of Ray's,  Norm, she is a 17 month Bull Arab bred from dogs bought from Paulsen, she is full sister to Jinx, she is worked with Norms B/A X Rotty a very good team.




Cody in Action

More Bull Arabs

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