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More Bull Arabs

The Bull Arabs on this page were sent in by Benn. All of these dogs were derived from original Mike Hodgins lines.

Click on images to view a larger version.

Benn's older bitch and some examples of fairly typical pups.


'Zack',  2 years old and weighing in at 37kgs.

Daughter of Zack, 'Dottie' at 5 months

Full brother to Zack, 'Freckles' weighs 30kgs. This dog single handedly hunted and caught a 158kgs boar in irrigated sorghum.
'Moke' Full brother to 'Zena' below at 12 months of age.
'Zena' a very strong bitch.
'Bonni' 2 year old fine line bitch, very hard.
Pups from the old bitch (1st photo) by blue dog. Fairly typical colour.
'Bandaid' Mother of 'Zack' and 'Freckles'. Pups 9 months old in this photo.
'Loki' and 'Bonni' as pups. Now 2 1/2 years old.
'Simba'  20 year old line from Gary Anderson. 6 years old in this shot.
'Colossus' Son of 'Zack' 4 months old in photo was 12.5kgs at 4 months of age. Throw back to a heavier line.

Can these dogs do the job? The first photo is of nine pigs smallest 78kgs biggest 112kgs dressed weight, photo 2 is of a good boar (scales are a 200Kg job) and the third photo is 21 pigs taken off sorghum, average weight 52kgs.

Some more photos of what these dogs can produce

A photo (below) and info from Ray: I run the Paulsen line and they work real well ;their keenness to hunt is very strong at an early age which can mean the dog often takes on a job that they don't have the power to do and end up getting hurt; which can make the dog a bit timed on the next pig they catch. If properly introduced to hunting they all seem to have a better than average nose along with very fast body and great stamina. probably the only fault some people might find is the distance they will travel to catch a pig, without tracking collars you can be in for along wait . At the moment I have three b/a bitches & two cattle dog x bitches .

More Photos of Ray's dogs in action go to Bull Arab page 6

We sent some that are on page 1 of your Bull Arab pages, and now our dogs are grown up.

These photos are of "Bundy" (white bitch) and "Bubba" (black dog) and their first litter.

They have been on a few runs now, with Bundy, on her first ever run pulling down the first pig straight off the ute. Bubba, weighing in around 65-70kg has been a fantastic lugger and his size makes a great back up for the bitch. They impress us each trip we make with their finding and holding abilities.

 If you have a Bull Arab or a photo of one, and would like to add the photo to this page, send via email by clicking the contact button above, or mailing directly to:

Ian Colley, PO Box 5396, Port Macquarie NSW 2444.

Please include a stamped self addressed envelope if you want your photo's returned. The photos can be of the dogs working or just being photogenic.

Can you please include some details on the dog, where it came from, how they work etc.

More Bull Arabs

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