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More Bull Arabs

Photos from Lachlan Cooke who is a keen pig hunter, using Bull Arabs. He is 19 and has been hunting for 5 years. He hunts mainly rainforest around his home and the Cape York region. The first Bull Arab that he saw was when a mate went up to Innisfail where Lachlan lives, with 2 working Bull Arabs. His name is Kirsten Court and his dogs are of the Poulson line and he has never hunted with a better dog than Kirsten's bitch old "whip". At 7 years old, she has spat out over 36 pups all crackers. When she was working you needed your running boots because she went forever some nights.

Lachlan got a pup out of her last litter and she is now starting to work well at 12 months. She is lightening fast and her nose is unreal. Last trip out west he got 3 good boars in one night, using Storm his Bull Arab pup and Koda his old hanging dog, which is a Mastiff Boxer x Mastiff Pit-bull. His pup Storm pulled up the first boar on her own under the spot light at a flat run, because Koda couldn't keep up. The boar was about 90kg dressed but the pics do no justice. Lachlan had his old faithful finder bailer ( the light tan bitch) she is a Boxer Mastiff cross just in case the pigs wanted to make it hard for them, but she didn't get on a pig before the other dogs all night.

Lachlan sent in the photos below mostly of Arab's working (click on image to view larger photo)

Some more photos below from Lachlan, 1st, a good rain forest sow was caught by old Whip,  she is the black and white bitch hanging over the front. The 2 on the other side are Arabs too, but the tan bitch closest is Lachlan's Mastiff Boxer bitch. Next is a real good cape boar caught by Kerstin's dog Dee Dee and Lachlan's bitch Elle not bad for 2 dogs under 30 kg and Elle being mainly a bailer! Dee Dee is all heart, she is also out of old Whip. The next photo is a good cape boar caught on the same trip by Kerstin's 2 Arabs in a wash out. The last one is the first boar caught on that trip good pic of Kerstin's dogs hanging.

If you have a Bull Arab or a photo of one, and would like to add the photo to this page, send via email by clicking the contact button above, or mailing directly to:

Ian Colley, PO Box 5396, Port Macquarie NSW 2444.

Please include a stamped self addressed envelope if you want your photo's returned. The photos can be of the dogs working or just being photogenic.

Can you please include some details on the dog, where it came from, how they work etc.

More Bull Arabs

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