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Wait until the large black box appears below each video notation (The file is then loaded) then just hold your curser over the black box below each video notation and it should play if you have a system that supports video.

Please be patient they may take some time to load depending on your connection speeds. Some browsers do not support video so some of you may not be able to view them.

A blast from the past. Dave is from Victoria and we got onto this 74kg barra  late one afternoon. Dave's bitch Smoko (Bully cross) went after another big black and white boar. We never saw her again after a week of searching.

There were 3 big pigs together and they bolted from a bush about 50 meters above where this bloke was caught.  The dogs are Jess (grey Brindle) finder/bailer. The other dogs are hard holders - Josie, Beau and Chong. You will hear Dave comment that he thinks it is a sow, looked like that from the back end. The bush is blackberry and one of the easier ones to get the pig out of.

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