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Thinking of advertising on Boardogs, please read some feedback from previous advertisers?




Morning Ian

Thankyou for the great work selling my Hilux I had over 40 calls. Sold it in the 1st few days. (Great work)
Rgds Steve


John B

G'day Ian and Judy,

Just sending you an email to let you know that my rack has already sold.

You have the best website relating anything to do with pig hunting. I have used your website for a long time for purchasing all my working pups and anything else hunting related because I know I can get it on here. I highly recommend this site to anyone as I have had great success selling my harvesting rack within 48 hours. Highly recommended. Thanks Ian and Judy.



Hi Ian,

I was wondering if you can please take the add off as we have sold both bikes, thanks to your website
Thanks for your help and have a great day



Hi Ian,

I placed two ads on your website for BULL ARAB PUPS and just wondering if you could please put sold on both ads please. Your ads were awesome we sold 11 pups in one week and in all different states. so thank you very much



Simon & Nikita

Hi ian, could u please remove the 2000 model landcruiser for sale as it sold on the first day of advertising!
Thanks heaps



I recently placed an ad with you and would like to request it's removal due to it's great success!

Bull Arab Pups posted 1/1/2011

I am so cuffed with the response I received within hours of the ad being posted and the calls I am still receiving! a fortnight after. You run a very tight ship and command you on posting and maintaining the web site even on a public holiday. I had spent a lot more money on newspaper and local posters with less success over 8 weeks then what I had in one week with your site and service. So once again many thanks and I look forward to using your site in the future and it will be the first stop.



Great website, dogs sold same day as advertisement went on line, it was the only place I advertised. buyer inquiries came from Qld, NSW and Victoria


Louse P

Ian, Please consider this email notification that this dog has been sold. I would appreciate if you would please remove this advertisement from Boar Dogs. What a wonderful turn-around! Thank you for the excellent service you provide.

4 June 2010

Drew K

I posted a for sale ad for a roo/pig crate they sold on the 3rd day the response was unreal I was wondering if its possible to take the ad off or mark it as sold as I'm still getting 4 to 5 phones calls a day. Thanks Drew


Jason C

Hi Ian

Can you please take our add off for the sale of Blocker, Jane & Chloe and also the 4X4 Quad bike. Thanks again we sold the bike and dogs within 24 hours.


Mark M - Maitland

G,day Ian, well I hope you had a great Christmas and new year. I just thought I'd better let you know that all the pups I had for sale have all sold. The pups were the Wolf, Mastiff Stag cross Arab Wolf Mastiff Ridgeback that were put on your website on the 27-12-09. Thanks for all your help selling my pups. as I have said before , this website is awesome. thanks again.


Gary - ARDMONA VIC 3629

Thanks mate for a brilliant job in advertising my pups, l have never been stuck with one yet, thanks to you and Boardogs advertising. have a merry Xmas to you & your family.


Gary W, Ardmona Vic

Hi mate, thanks for the brilliant classified ad, 35 phone calls and ALL the pups are gone with orders taken for next litter. I will be using your classifieds for ALL litters l produce, they include the Wolfhound X Johnson, Pure Wolfhounds, and pure Johnson Bulldogs. Thanks for a excellent job in advertising my pups, I've been breeding hunting dogs for 35yrs and from now on l will use your business in selling them.


Phil O


Could you please remove my add in working dogs which was placed the 11th of Feb as the dog sold with only the third caller. Once again thank you as Boardogs has yet again proven a great means to sell quality dogs.


Matt W

Thanks heaps mate the ad was only on the net for 3 hrs and he was sold, the phone hasn't stop ringing can you take the ad off site


Ian / Judy

Could you please take my add of the Boardogs website as I have sold all of the puppies.
Your website offers great access to the hunting fans of Australia.
The first night the add was on the internet I sold 3 pups.
I will definitely advertise with you again.
Thanks, Hayley


Hi Ian.

Could you please remove the add as I sold the dog.

In case you are interested in keeping records the dog was sold minutes after the advertised time.

I had over 40 calls in the first half hour and eventually had to turn my phone off.

Thanks for the prompt service.






Hey mate could u please remove the Bull Arab x Pitbull from the working dog section phone is driving me clean mad.. dog was sold to first caller and phone has not stopped since, cheers Gavin


Hi Ian,

Can you please remove my advert from the classified for the two Arabs, they have both been sold and the money is in my account. Wow my phone never knew what hit it.

Cheers Matt L, Qld


Dear Ian

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for providing the BoarDogs.com Classifieds service. The process was simple and absolutely hassle free. Our ad was posted the same day we made payment, and had our first phone call within 10 minutes of the ad being listed on the Boar Dogs site.

In total, we would have had over 50 phone calls in 2 days, which made selecting a great home for our dogs easy. Phone calls came from all states of Australia which really proves that BoarDogs.com has a great market presence and reach when trying to sell dogs or hunting equipment. I would recommend this service to anyone genuinely trying to sell a hunting dog or hunting equipment - it's cost effective and targeted to those people who are looking for hunting gear or dogs. Please feel free to use this statement on your testimonials page. Many thanks once again. Kind Regards Jamie and Amanda


Hi Ian

Since the ad for Dozer has gone up we have had many calls for him. He was sold by the second day.

Just wanted to say thank you for putting it up and could you please take him off your website so my phone can have some rest!

Thanks again, Ruben



Hi Ian

if possible could u please remove dog ad as he was sold in 10 minutes of going on the internet. I have had about 70 phone calls unbelievable well thanks again if not a hassle please remove I will be back to your site again to sell more after Chrissy
enjoy your Chrissy

Regards Tina



Thanks heaps for putting my ad up.
I sold both dogs last nite within 2 hours of them being posted n got the money that I wanted. So you can take them off.
I hope to do business again with you soon!

Kind Regards,James L

Lost Dog - Add Posted 10/10/2007

A good news story.

Thanks heaps Ian I sent you an email yesterday about the lost dog and have had a call this arvo about his where abouts and gotta go get him from a property owner now couple of hundred k drive but he's worth it your site is the best the lady who rang said as soon as she found him she went home and looked on boardogs and the add was there your a legend mate I cant thank you enough cheers


Hi Ian,
Just a quick email to let you know all my pups are sold. The ad can come off as soon as you are ready. The first pup went Saturday morning at 11.00 to Victoria and the last at 4.50 Sunday arvo to a bloke in my street.

Thanks for your help. I'll give your site a good recommendation.

Regards Damian


Pure Bred Wolfhound

thanx mate he is sold. could have sold him 5 times today. could you plz take him of as the phone is driving me mad. thanx again.
gavin b


Ian, Can you please remove my ad from Boar Dogs, sold the dog the first night it was listed, delivered to her new owner today.

Thanks again
Nigel N



Can you please remove my quad add from boar dogs [Honda big red] its sold. Was sold in 1 day. looks like boar dogs is a great site to sell hunting gear I will be putting the racks I make on there ASAP thanks again
Simon D


Hi Ian

Just wanted to let you know that we've had some terrific response from advertising our Bullarab pups with Boardogs. We only have one male left now (photo 2) and was wondering if you would please be able to place sold tickets on the other photos. We will let you know when he goes.

Thanks again for a wonderful outlet for all involved in pig hunting.

Reece & Danielle Campbell, warregoarabs



Sold my tracking collars, Got over 30 calls. Cheers mate. Clint R


Hi Ian.

Just advising that Nissan Navara has be sold. We have had lots of calls from all around the place. A person from Melbourne bought it for $1000 more than it was advertised. Thank you. We are recommending the site to anyone who has a hunting related sale item.

Thanks again. Scott & Tarynn


Hi Ian & Judy,

Just thought I'd let you know that all dogs advertised sold within 4 days, if I hadn't gone away & been uncontactable I'm sure they would of sold quicker. People are still ringing for & asking when the next litters will be.

Keep up the good work the selling department is a real hit in my books.



9th May 2007

Morning Ian, Just wanted to let you know that we have sold all our pups.

We have had a great response from the website, from all over the place, not just QLD.



4th May 2007

Dear Ian

Can you please remove add or advise that all pups are sold for advertisement.

I would like thank you for your great website particularly the classifieds as I had over 30 calls from hunters all over Australia. Could have sold 20 pups.




Hey Ian how's it going. could you please remove the dog ad from your site the dog has been sold. I sold him after 1 day and have had calls from everywhere in oz.




Thanks Ian for the prompt placement of our add - we have sold all pups - they were gone in 2 days and we could have sold another 10 or more. Really happy thanks again kind regards Louise Higgins



Ian my name is Ross and I recently advertised with you to sell my pups, I have sold 8 dogs in two weeks and just wanna say cheers your site is bloody awesome.



Hi Ian

Please take the bitch off the site...... she sold to the first caller and I've probably had another 50 calls since then. There are some desperate hunters out there..... the classified section is a winner mate.


10th January 2007

Hi Ian,

Just a note to say that all the pups have sold.

I placed the ad with you on Friday and the last pup left on Monday. A brilliant resource! Id spent hundreds on advertising in local and national papers with no result I wish Id tried your site first. Next litter I wont hesitate.

Thanks for the efficient and easy service.

Cheers Liz.


9/1/2007 - Dane x Bull Mastiff pups

Thanks, you can remove this ad from the Boardogs site. All the pups were sold in the first couple of days.


30/11/2006 - Ian,

Can you please remove my advert from your website, all pups have now been sold. Thank you for your help, I achieved a 100% sale rate in less than a month, thanks again.



(9/11/2006) Ian & Judy

Thanks again for the use of your site, male pup no. 5 & 6 haven't sold yet
Pups no. 1,2,3,4,7,8 & 9 are sold

Thank you Gary & Becky


Neil rang on Monday: Can you please take the add off for the dog I sent on Saturday, I have had over 35 calls from all over NSW. QLD and Victoria. The dog is sold and the phone is still ringing. Great response to the add, thank you.


hi Ian, just letting you know that my advertisement Bullarab mastiff cross wolfhound mastiff we only have 1 white female left with brindle patch over eye, could you please change add. by the way we had great success with your site and sold all pups except for 2 from boar dogs.

thanking you, Jackie


Hi Ian. What a great place to advertise, the classifieds with boardogs. We posted the add on the 16th Sunday night, and all pups were sold by the Friday with no dickheads ringing and talking shit. Thanks so much. So the add can get taken off. (5 females $300 each Mother also for sale $1000) Regards joandgav

Two pure bullmastiff cross pure am staff dogs (25/6/2006)
6 1/2 months old.
Both stand about 48-50cms at the shoulder and weigh about 25kgs.
They have been hanging since about 3 months old and they caught a 62 kg dressed boar by themselves at about 5 months old.
Selling due to no time to work them and they are just going to waste in the back yard.

Asking $250.00 each solid.

Troy wrote, 'Mate can you put sold on my ad for the dogs 4 sale. The phone started ringing this morning and hasn't stopped, I even got a bloke ring me from Hong Kong wondering how he could get them sent over. If you want to sell a dog this is definitely the way to go.
Thanks Troy.'

Wolfhound Mastiff X Staghound dog

6 years old has caught loads of pigs both in the mountains and on the western plains. Honest finder and excellent lugger.

This large dog needs plenty of exercise.

This is a regretful sale as owners circumstances have changed.

$400.00 ONO

Phil Wrote: 'Thanks for placing the add in working dogs he sold in one day with over 45 calls in that time. I would highly recommend this as a way to advertise good dogs.

Thanks again Phil'

WANTED - Good Finder

Must hunt and catch off the ground or ute.
Must be guaranteed also stock proof and roo proof.
Will pay good money for right dog.

Troy Wrote: Mate I would like to remove my add for dog wanted, I have found what I need. I received plenty of calls from all over Australia , I also received several calls from blokes interested in how the ad was going as they were wondering if it was worth putting an ad on themselves. I told them that for the small cost it was definitely worth it.
Thanks again Troy.

Bull Arab bitch

16 mths old, catching own pigs.


Brendan wrote: I sold her in about an hour. Can you please remove the ad because the phone is driving us insane.
Many Thanks

Bull Arab Bitch

2 yrs old very fast hangs hard needs work

$350.00 - SOLD

Grant wrote: 'The add was placed on the net Thursday evening, the phone started ringing within half an hour, Friday arvo she was sold. I got phone calls from as far south as Ballarat to as far north as Cairns. It also cost me $22.90 to put an add in each of the local papers from which I didnt receive one phone call.'

Charters Towers.

Bull Mastiff/Bull Arab/Wolfhound x Bull Mastiff/Wolfhound

- 4 year old dog
- Catches own pigs
- Starting to hunt off the ute.
- Stock proof
- Great with kids
- Both parents working dogs
- Regretful sale

$700 ono.

Sold, Jim said 'first caller bought the dog, I had heaps of responses to the add'.

Bull Arab 2 years Old

He will hunt off ute , caught own pig's out of mob's , hunted mountains and western country, stock proof , last pigs were on the weekend we caught 3 , goes in well .


Testimonial: 'After placing this add, the dog was sold within 12 hours, Tony stated the phone rang virtually non stop the first day. The number of people that would have bought this dog from all over Australia was unbelievable. This site is probably the best spot to place an add if you have a dog for sale, it gets an Australia wide audience.'

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