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Wolf Stag Bully Boxer Pups (29/05/2016)

6 Staghound x Boxer x Ridgeback Pups (27/05/2016)

Bully Stag Pups (27/05/2016)

Purebred Australian Red Cattle Dogs (27/05/2016)

Catahoula Bulldog X Purebred Catahoula (26/05/2016)

Bully Boxer Cattle cross (25/05/2016)

Old School Pig Catching Dogs (24/05/2016)

Bully Grey Pups (24/05/2016)

Bull Arab x Bull Mastiff x English Pointer x Smithfield Cattle (21/05/2016)

Brazilian Mastiff x Pups (20/05/2016)

Bully Dane x Catahoula (20/05/2016)

4 Bullgrey Collie Boxer x Bully Boxer Dane Pups (20/05/2016)

Bull Arab Pups (20/05/2016)

Male Bandog Pup (18/05/2016)

Pure Bred Bull Arab Pups All Sold (17/05/2016)

Paulson Bullarab Pups (17/05/2016)

CLYDE - Bull Arab cross Kelpie Border Collie Sold (16/05/2016)

Bull Mastiff/Pit/Arab X Bull Mastiff/Pit/Arab/Ridgeback/Boxer/Kelpie (15/05/2016)

Dane Mastiff x Wolfhound Staghound (15/05/2016)

Bull Arab cross NQ Bullhound (15/05/2016)

Wolfhound Bull Mastiff Bull Arab (15/05/2016)

Bullarab x Bulldog x Catahoula All Sold (14/05/2016)

O'Halloran Hounds (11/05/2016)

Kelpie x Dane Mastiff Boxer Pups (11/05/2016)

Liver and White Arab Pups (11/05/2016)

Purebred Catahoula Pup (11/05/2016)

Bull Arab Dog (10/05/2016)

Brazilian Mastiff Pups (9/05/2016)

Wolfhound Arab x Bull Arab (9/05/2016)

7 months Male Bully Grey Cattle X Collie Dog Sold (6/05/2016)


Liver Nose Bull Arab Pups Updated (4/05/2016)

Stag Bully Airedale Boxer cross Pups (4/05/2016)

Arab Boxer Dane Pups (4/05/2016)

Dane Arab x Arab Wolf Foxhound Bully (3/05/2016)

Dane x Dane Mastiff Deerhound cross Mastiff x Ridgeback Dane (3/05/2016)

Bull Arab Pups All Sold(3/05/2016)

Straight Cross Bullarab x Great Dane (3/05/2016)



Currant Catahoulas

O'Halloran Hounds - Bullmastiff X Dane

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