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Monthly Photo Competition December 2012

First Prize $100 cash2nd prize - $50 cash

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Mark F

Trent S - catching pigs in Western QLD

Brooke N - Steve with a boar on NSW QLD border

Dean T - Went out two give the dogs a run, got 3, one good boar‏

Rob I - Andrew I with a 68kg boar

Joe L - A nice little boar I got with 25-06 on Monday morning

Dean T - Went out for a run around some dams with my young fella, got 3 for the arvo‏

Eb T

Chester B - Went for a run with good mate Darren this morning to try and catch up with this good boar, who had been eluding us for some time.

Old boarus had already been to the cane and had made his way back to his mountain retreat, as the hounds tracked him from the paddock up through to the rainforest, where they finally met up with him. He dressed out at 97kg.

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