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Monthly Photo Competition December 2008

First Prize $150 cash, 2 Boardogs Stubby holders,  2nd prize - 2 Boardogs Stubby Holders

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Daniel P - Jack on a 64kg, and River and Denby with two good barra's 86kg and 106kg.

Mark F - Some pics of” Bundy” our Bull Arab, although he is only 11 months old as you can see he does alright, his partner in crime is a purebred Border Collie . Bundy has the most excellent nature you could want in a dog as seen here with my six year old daughter Chloe, who has become my new hunting partner now that her older brothers have found girls………I have been hunting pigs for over 26 six years off and on and have had several Bull Arabs, none have ever been aggressive to people , and some may get a bit funny with other dogs ,but if they are socialized correctly you can have an good all round dog that can be taken any where.

Anthony G - my two dogs (Cruiser male Staffy cross) and (Xena pure bred Bullmastiff bitch)
The dog is about 7 years and the bitch is 3 years old the Staffy has no top teeth anymore so he is now semi retired. Both hunt really well. No pig ever to big.

Mick F NT - A tusky Boar dogged by Lenny and Myself on Sunday Morning. Lulu is my 6 months old Wolfhound x and is getting better every pig she sees and always since day one, lugs up hard.

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