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Monthly Photo Competition December 2007

First Prize $150 cash a Boardogs Cap2nd prize - Boardogs Cap

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Lisa Y - a few pigs caught outside Townsville and three up coming pig hunters

Cassie S - my Brother John and his son Jack to the right and my nephew Callum to the left standing over our best dog Macka, and the dog on the back of the ute is Tilly she is just a beginner. The picture was taken at ST George the Easter just gone, it was a fantastic weekend.

Dan S - a photo of an old boar we had been hunting for a while and finally got. The dogs bailed off the back and went 2 Km's to get him. it was really thick scrub country and we had to carry him out about a km is really rough hill country. He went 129 at the box. It took 3 of us 4 hours but we got the bugger.

Dan S - 3 pigs - 3 pigs we got in a night 42, 94, 58

Dan S - my Arab got those 2 pigs out of a mob and run on and got the big boar and got nailed in the heat.

Dan S - Kalpower Pig - a good boar caught by my Arab dog solo.

Dan S - The property owner said he hadn't seen a pig over 40 on that property in three years and this is what we come up with after a night hunt. A boar and a Barrow. The Dogs got the 80 kg boar first and then run on up the river and nailed the barrow. He went 120 on the dot. He was backed up into a gully and giving the old Arab a tooling.

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