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Monthly Photo Competition December 2007

First Prize $150 cash a Boardogs Cap2nd prize - Boardogs Cap

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Tom B - good boars caught I at Tara, QLD

Trace C - a boar I caught with a couple of my young dogs a few of nights ago with no ears, he give them a bit of a hammering but they managed to get him under control long enough for me to roll and stick him. Just thought I would send it in to the monthly photo competition. I reckon it wasn't a bad effort for young dogs.

Dale - heres a few pics after taking a few boys out from Vic fun territory style

Vesna - Darwin, this large boar went 115 dressed gave the dogs a bit of stick

Craig C - Charlie B with a 94 kg boar caught in mountains, its the best boar I've seen from this area for a while. He caught it with 2 dogs we bred they'd be 30kg wringing wet so not a bad effort.

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