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Monthly Photo Competition November 2012

First Prize $100 cash2nd prize - $50 cash

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Jack F - Took my son Tommy out for the weekend onto a new property, and Hammo the station hand gave us the guided tour of the property and we ended up with 6 pigs, 4 of them boars, 2 of them reasonable one's.

Mark F - My mate from the wes,t Rainman

Trace C - Few caught lately

Ross H - A week after missing a big fella on a rough mountain block I hunt that nearly took out one of my better hounds, I decided to venture back down for another crack at him. I picked up Old Al who manages the property as hes always keen for a run & somewhat of a good luck charm when it comes to catching big fellas. We headed around a grass paddock that runs at the base of a big range that has a permanent water hole which attracts the swine out of the hills. We neared the dam when the hounds floated off & headed straight for the range. I checked the tracker & they were already 800ms out so I drove around the fence line & bingo, all had treed quarry. When I got there they had this roughie who was dealing out some punishment. I eventually got hold of him & put him to rest. He dressed out 102kg

Zoe R - from partner in Roma, as you can see he had a very good night. Two were both over the ton mark dressed.

Kane S - a mates bitch working right on sunset.

Luke T - a couple of pigs the boys and I caught last month

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