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Monthly Photo Competition November 2007

First Prize $150 cash a Boardogs Cap2nd prize - Boardogs Cap

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Mark L - from WA here's a boar I got with my dad

JTA - our 3 month old Bull Arab Rexie baby (male)

Matt - Matt with boar caught by Tyson.

Stam J - Ruger after some pigs

Craig - A Cape York boar.

Matt - the country that I hunt dogs first left the truck, dogs found fresh wallow and not long after nailed a sow, no trophy but a good start. And a few good boars.

Matt H - Cobar - Decent boar I got with 'Gunner' 10 month old pup near Cobar NSW

George S - My mates brother in-law on his first ever pig hunt and the first pure white boar me and my mate have caught along with our 2 main dogs, Pearl the big dark bitch ( Dane, Bull Arab, American bulldog) and ICE the white (English staffy) . It wasn’t real big only 53kg but put up a big chase for the dogs which were tracked down close to a kilometer away.

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