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Monthly Photo Competition October 2013

First Prize $100 cash2nd prize - $50 cash

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Kyle W - took the kids up the Dog fence over the holidays and had a ball no big pigs but heaps of fun

DT - Cracker boar we got last night great tusks

Kyle W - My four year old son Jackson and his Bull Arab Pup chilly with a little pig we got yesterday that was hanging around our place

Dusty T

Fergus R - at Coonamble on some freshly planted wheat

Dean S

Kym L - from our last trip away. Kym, Jake, Ash and Skip

Celina B - Caught this fella with a couple mates Sam and Matt and a combination of our dogs

Cathy W - Jed W caught this with is Dad & dogs on a weeknight hunt, not far from home

Matthew - Caught this fella in a hollow tree

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