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Monthly Photo Competition August 2008

First Prize $150 cash, Boar War DVD and 2 Boardogs Stubby holders,  2nd prize - Boar War DVD &  1 Boardogs Stubby Holder

Boar War DVD's sponsored by Les - Pig Dog Supplies click here to purchase yours

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Samantha H - Although the pigs arenít anything compared to the huge ones I see month to month on your site I am proud of them. I have only been hunting for a little while and just want to encourage more chicks to get out there and have a go! I love it!

Duane R - A good sow and boar we caught this week in central Florida.

Locky S - good boar

Craig H - 2 good boars my mate lee and me got at Mt Isa, dogs smelt them in a gully and caught one each, ten metres from each, exact same weight too.

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