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Monthly Photo Competition September 2007

First Prize $150 cash a Boardogs Cap and a James McKay CD - Western Dream, 2nd prize - Boardogs Cap and a James McKay CD - Western Dream

James McKay - Western Dream

Want to listen to piggin' songs while out piggin' - well grab a copy of Western Dream.

More info click HERE

Right click HERE and select 'save target as' to download an mp3 of 'Born Again Pigger'

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Mick M - a couple of hogs caught by me and a mate - the black & white one was a boar, he went 57kgs & the bigger black one went 43kgs dressed.

Daniel G - a ginger tusky boar, that I caught today with my dogs. (Western Australia, Perth). The dog who caught it is the father of the pups that I have advertised on your boardogs site.

Vince C - me an mate Baz went out for a look last night an came up with one nice hog

Chester B - Friday night effort. 4 boars, 2 sows. Had 2 boars (74kg and 67kg) together swimming in the water hole in the background, was very interesting for a while, especially when I couldn't touch the bottom.

Don't know what kind of snake it is either (python looking), just that was pretty big, and got a bit cranky when I grabbed him/her by the tail (released unharmed).

Matt P - a photo of my missus's godson his name is Damien Gordon. I took him camping the other week and we didn't get any pigs but did get a fox and a couple of bunnies.

Angus, Wade and Tim swine country

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