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Monthly Photo Competition September 2007

First Prize $150 cash a Boardogs Cap and a James McKay CD - Western Dream, 2nd prize - Boardogs Cap and a James McKay CD - Western Dream

James McKay - Western Dream

Want to listen to piggin' songs while out piggin' - well grab a copy of Western Dream.

More info click HERE

Right click HERE and select 'save target as' to download an mp3 of 'Born Again Pigger'

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A good read to go with these photos, thanks James.


One night I got a phone call from my brother saying “guess where I am”. I replied” I have no idea, the pub probably”. To my surprise he had a new job on a cattle station in the Gulf. After telling me about all the pigs up there he said that I should come up for a few weeks and catch some bacon. I was thrilled by the idea.

Dads 50th was a few weeks later and we got up to Mullaley, (20 min west of Gunnedah) on the day of the party to find that David (my bro) had come down from the gulf. I stayed out at Dad’s while Mum went to town and when David turned up he asked me if I had finished my exams, I spun around and said yep am I going back to the gulf with you, he didn’t say yes but I new what he was getting at, that meant go home on Sunday pack that night go to school Monday and get back to Dad’s Monday night and head off Tuesday.

We made it to Longreach the first day and had a camp. Wednesday found us up bright and early on the road heading the back way through the stations reaching our destination at 2.30pm. After unpacking putting the dogs in there cage we went and talked to the boss and did the intro thing and David was given the rest of the week off to go pig chasing.

We had to go get a trap at a swamp to sty the pigs in so after that we plated the dogs and we were off. About five mins up the road there was a dam that David had seen a pig on a few times but never when he had the dogs on the back. I was very eager and as we rolled up to the damn and looked straight down the dam and my eyes fixated on a big black pig laying in its wallow, in one swift move the door was open on the cruiser and I was on the back and the chase was on. The pig shot off through a fence with the dogs straight after him, David was off and I grabbed the ties from the ute and headed in the direction of the grunting, when I arrived David rolled him and we tied him up, and he was sporting good 2.5 inch long tusks.

I was rapped we had only been at the station for 2 hours and already got a pig. We jumped in the ute and headed off to get the trap, as we drove near another dam David was hanging out the window looking for fresh tracks. None that he could see so we headed to the swamp when we arrived not a pig to be seen. We drove closer to the water to look for fresh sign and I looked off into the scrub and noticed dust (part of the station had been burnt a few days before) and I said to David, is that the wind sturing up the dust or pigs?

At that moment he said” Pigs, quick on the back”, so I jumped on the tray and he punched it though the scrub dodging trees and ant hills and David yelled “Let em off”, and with that the dogs jumped off and headed in different directions. I ran after David’s Boxer/Mastiff bitch (MJ) which nailed a nice sow which I rolled and tied up. Goof, (our cousin’s dog Wolfhound/Mastiff) got a good boar that David tipped and tied. We loaded up the dogs and went and got the trap.

After spending an hour there pulling out star posts, we headed off and David slowed down at the same spot, looking for fresh tracks. As luck would have it a mob of about 25 ran out from a row of small trees. It didn’t take me long to get on the tray, David spun the cruiser around and cut out the biggest pig in the mob and I let MJ off and I jumped off and bolted after her dodging trees, logs and everything else and when I arrived MJ had hold of a fat baron sow, so I rolled her and we tied her up with a rope as we didn’t have any ties left. When we finished tying her up we looked around and noticed MJ was gone.

After looking for a while we went back to the ute and she was there, so we loaded her and the pig up, went and got the boar and set the trap up at the bore drain, put the pigs in the trap and went. The next day was a bit more laid back, and in the afternoon we jumped on the quad, grabbed MJ and went for a quick run down the bore drain.

I spotted a pig lying in the water and pointed it out. MJ noticed it and started barking, it was on for young and old then. We were about 10mts away from the pig and David let MJ go and they both hammered through the scrub at an unreal rate and we were trying not to roll the quad as we followed. MJ grabbed the boar just before the fence and was getting dragged around and smashed into trees and ant hills.

After taking care of her we went and got the pig and put him in the trap. Not bad for the first couple of days. Next morning we were up bright and early heading out to the fare north/west corner of the property to look around a few good dams and water holes that had good pig numbers. On approach to the first dam we saw a small mob of 10-15 pigs just leaving, David said to me “hold on there’s pigs up here” as he flew around the side of the dam got up beside the pigs and let the dog go, we ended up with 4 pigs in 15 mins which I was ecstatic about.

We took a few photos and headed of to the next dam, as we drove in to the dam we spotted 3 pigs leaving on the opposite side, as we rode around there we noticed a mob that we estimated about 150 pigs, run from behind the dam we managed 3 good pigs 2 sows and a tusky boar. After such a successful days hunting we decided to head home for a feed and a couple of quiet gold’s.

In total I spent 3 weeks up there, hunted for the better part of 5 days and caught 47 pigs, not bad ah?. MJ is one of the toughest dogs I have ever seen. She is covered in scares and still lugs like nothing else and she was working again a couple days after getting ripped.

3 of the pigs caught in the first 2 days with David and MJ on the left

Four pigs in 15 mins

Me (James) with a boar MJ nailed by her self 70kg

Langers - a good boar caught a while back, he went 110 dressed, a good scrubber.

Wayne and Alan with dog Tyson, a Bullarab caught this good boar in top end of NT

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