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Monthly Photo Competition August 2007

First Prize $150 cash and Boardogs Cap, 2nd prize - Boardogs Cap

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Harley - Two prine boars taken in the late hours of the afternoon The boar on the left was secured by a nine month Bull Arab Bitch Boar on left 65KG dressed and the other boar 75KG dressed WHAT AN AFTERNOON

Jason W - a nice pig from a cane farm in NSW. Me and my mate Stan were driving along a dirt road when we saw pig tracks in the dew on the grass. First thing in the morn. We tracked this pig through the grass in to a cane block so we drove all the way round the block and there was no exit tracks coming out so we went round top Sid down wind and dropped Col off to walk through with a dog and Stan and I started to drive round the other side. when we got about 100 metres from the top corner Stan said wouldn’t it be good if a dirty old white boar jumped out. And then just that happened we let the dogs out and jumped the cane drain and got him about 150 metres from the ute. And a pic of a Jew fish I caught last week

Angus C - Nyngan N.S.W, a good mob of feral swine.

Angus C - Nyngan N.S.W, A 98kg boar caught by Pip and Turbo

Mick P - a photo of my young fella Nick & the first boar he saw & was wrapped. Now just loves going for a hunt with dad.

Charlie M - couple of good boars

Jack F - Some boars we got on our move up to Darwin. These two boars we got while driving through the Gulf. I let the dogs out on a dam and they were off. Tracking these two boars a good 300 to 400 metres into the scrub. The black boar gave the dogs a hard time. Dressed out to 73kg and the Black and White Boar 55 kgs dressed.

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