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Monthly Photo Competition July 2011

First Prize $100 cash2nd prize - $50 cash

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Chester B - Went out last night in the rain to celebrate Jimmy’s 80th birthday, to try and catch a good boar. Well, we weren’t disappointed, hounds must have knew as well, cause they went in the opposite direction to where we were heading, around a couple of cane blocks into the next one to meet up with this old warrior. This old boar had scars all over him and even down the middle of his forehead. He was definitely a scrapper, and he made the hounds really earn their keep. A 115kg dressed boar is definitely an 80th birthday present to remember.

Jack B - got these fullas on my block at Bollon Qld

Jason M and Dan S - channel country boar, caught by Gabby (Scott's Bro's dog) and a good load of pigs after a day and night in the channel country

Stephen C - Lav with a pup from Mick's last litter, from a bitch out of old Gus, not yet 8 months old. A boar about 50 that was as mad as a cut snake. One of 11 she caught by herself in the last couple of days.

Wayne B - my mate Beetle and a good boar he nailed a couple days ago

Peter S - some pigs caught yesterday and last night

Jack F - We've been catching a few pigs lately out of the hills, nothing special but we've been having a good time. And me and me mates

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