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Monthly Photo Competition July 2011

First Prize $100 cash2nd prize - $50 cash

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Tony S

Tracy S - Cody 12 years, he has recently dispatched his first boar and sow, he has the help of his best mates, Thumpa (princess Thumpa actually, our house staffy who loves pig hunting, Wilson (10 month old NQ Bullhound) and Miss Bundaberg (Great Dane/Arab cross)

Dale M

Mark F - Some west Aussies having fun up north

Craig C - flew up to Mackay to hunt with my good mate Chester B for the Pinnacle pig hunt. Joining us was my kiwi mate Brendan C to film the hunt. Had a awesome trip and have a new found respect for the boys who hunt the rain forests as its bloody tough going.
At the end of all the up's and down's and shenanigans the dogs managed to catch the winner of the 2012 Pinnacle pig hunt that was close to the tonne. And a few closer to home

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