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Monthly Photo Competition June 2007

First Prize $150 cash and Boardogs Cap, 2nd prize - Boardogs Cap

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Dylan T - 85kg sow we got with my dog a very fun day

Robert S - pigs taken around Aramac by my wife Jenny, my daughter Sonya and myself

Me With a 45 Kg Boar Caught off of the Bike

My wife Jenny with a 61Kg Boar

A few Pigs that Jenny, my daughter Sonya and I got

Steve M - a couple of photos of our last trip

The big man Bill going through withdrawals after we forgot to take the esky with us

Ross (Fabio) carrying out a huge one caught in a nearby gully

Ross again with 3 bush pigs that he took home that nite, sow weighed in at 79kg dressed and the chick was about 90kg

A great photo of myself with Rass the Alaskan hunting hound, he caught this 40kg boar in some thick grass

5 decent sized hogs picked up one afternoon

Mim H - A good yarn with these photos.

Mims first pigs. 

The first pigs I caught where not on my first trip in fact I had near given up on going hunting with my other half Dan, every time I went we came home empty handed, but if he went alone or with a mate he would get a few pigs. So I decided this would be my last trip, I am a city slicker at heart, so being in the bush for three days was not my idea of fun. But it was a chance to spend time with Dan alone so I tag along. We decided to head up the day before Christmas Eve, I packed enough food for an army as well as our 7 dogs nitro, crystal, dash, Bella, Skye, Jake, and Boofa. We took more shit for the dogs than we did for our selves, we had the tracking collars and receiver, the breast plates, glow sticks (to see the dogs at night), vet pack in case they get smashed by a pig, food, water, and that was just for them!

We left home about 6pm and drove to the southern highlands where a friend has a farm. We got there about 10pm had a stretch and let the dogs out for a pee. We left the farm around 11pm and went to the spot where we collar up the dogs. It usually takes about half an hour to do this cause there are so many dogs, but I get things ready for Dan while he gets the dogs “dressed”. When they are ready to go we head in to the scrub. It is usually not very long before the hairy dog (nitro) starts to get excited and flies off the truck into the scrub followed by crystal dash and either Bella or Skye depending on who is being worked at the time.

With my first pig nitro flew off the truck and about 100 meters into the scrub followed by crystal and dash, before long I could here this blood curdling scream from the pig and I could faintly here the dogs barking to let us know where they were, so Dan and I jumped out of the truck and let the rest of the dogs out for a run. We got about 200 meters away from the truck before we came across the dogs with a small sow. She would have been about forty-five, fifty kilo to have a guess. So we stuck it while nitro and crystal held it for us. After it was dead nitro looked at Dan like “did I do good dad?” we dragged the pig to the truck and Dan gutted it while I took photos.

The second pig would have been around 9am the next morning, same thing the dogs flew off the truck this time I stayed with the pups and the truck, before long Dan was yelling for me to give him a hand getting it back to the truck to be gutted and to round the dogs up. After having hunted all night and having the dogs stuff around we decided to make a camp for the hottest part of the day, Dan wont hunt the dogs during the day in summer its to hard on them, that and the snake factor. So we pulled up and made camp it took all of 5 minutes for me to crash out in the swag, I slept for what felt like a week but it was only 6 hours, we had a BBQ lunch and packed up to head back out for a hunt.

After half and hour in the truck I started to feel sick, but I didn’t want to ruin Dan’s trip so I kept my mouth as shut as I could and drifted in and out of consciousness for the rest of the afternoon, waking only when the truck stopped for the dogs. Around 11pm that night I started to come good (after throwing up all afternoon) as I did the dogs flew off the truck and into the scrub. They ran down what would have to be a near vertical gully and bailed themselves a pig, Dan ran down after them leaving me in the truck but taking one of the two way radios. After a few minutes I heard “ babe can you honk the horn?” coming threw the two way, so I asked if it would be better for me to shine the spotty on the roof of the truck, to which I got a “ oh yeah that will work” so I spot lighted down the gully till Dan said he could see it and was on his way back.  Then he asked if I could go grab the torch and some of the dogs while he brought the pig back to the truck, without thinking I bolted down the gully, being smart enough to leave the spotty on so I could find my way back, what I didn’t expect was the near vertical drop that was in front of me. I made it down to Dan in about 2 minutes but getting back to the truck was the worst thing I have ever had to do. I got so out of breath I thought that I was breathing knife blades. When Dan got back to the truck I was still huffing and puffing, he just looked at me and laughed. We ended up leaving after Dan gutted that pig he felt horrible that on a trip where we get not 1 but 5 pigs and I missed most of it cause I was sick. But I had fun just the same, Dan got some pigs and the dogs got to work.

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