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 New to Boardogs - Monthly Photo Competition May 2007

Also $100 cash and Boardogs Cap, 2nd prize - Boardogs Cap

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Mathew M - a few good mountain boars

Mark G - a nice boar shot 50m from our front door at 1am in the morning on our cattle property at Topaz on the Atherton Tablelands, Qld.

Trace C - my dog Jackson that I took while driving home

Melissa F - we got this pig on my mates honeymoon trip to the top end with a Bamaga local friend of ours 15 mins from the tip of Oz. Don't know what he weighed but I weigh 105kgs and he was way bigger than me he was a very old pig and very poor but still took us on a long run and a big fight. caught by Anth,Shan and Rupenny


Narelle and Kevin S - Our Favorite dog at our favorite camp site

Bryce R - caught with Pepi (brindle bitch) and Titan (red dog) by Bryce and John on a feedlot in Qld

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