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 New to Boardogs - Monthly Photo Competition April 2007

Prize - $150 and a Cap from Boardogs

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Chester B - 93kgs from Yesterday

Kahl S - This boar was bail and shoot by Steve (blue shirt and jeans) and with his two of siders Luke (Red shirt and jeans) and me Kahl in the shorts the kid on my shoulders is Cody (Stevens son)

Steven, Luke and me were out looking for pigs when Steve swung the light over the cattle and didn't really take much notice until he cam back for another look and realised what it was so we sent the dogs in and the all just bailed it up so Steve shot the pig with hiss 223 and when we took it in everyone was saying it would bee 130kg 140kg but we put them to shame when it tipped the scales at 185kg its the biggest boar I have seen i my life and hopefully not the last.


Some more Boars from Kahl S



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