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 New to Boardogs - Monthly Visitors Photos March 2007

Sponsored by - Bullzye Pty Ltd, & a cap from Boardogs (links to the Bullzeye website is on the pups for sale page or the advertisers page in the classifieds)

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BrentH - a few more pigs we have caught over the last couples of weeks.
This big pig was caught from same place as the 101kg, and 90kg pigs caught a couple of weeks ago.

GeoffJ - A good mountain boar caught on Friday night, towled the old  dog a bit good hog but tough old fella in a berry bush.

Hongo - Just a few photo's of the fishing this week. Tracy and I got 18 barra with 9 of them being size, the biggest was 90cm.

DylanT - a goat I've run down.

PennyL - Mick Schultz, and Paul Dickenson caught this big bugger nth of Bluewater, weighing in 155kg with dogs.

Jacintab - boar caught in North Queensland, estimated weight 90kg




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