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 New to Boardogs - Monthly Visitors Photos March 2007

Sponsored by - Bullzye Pty Ltd, & a cap from Boardogs (links to the Bullzeye website is on the pups for sale page or the advertisers page in the classifieds)

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Kain - FNQ and luvin' it

Flip - Central QLD piggin at a mates property, his wife enjoys getting in on the action

Flip - these pigs were some of the first for a mate Powelly, he has been hooked ever since

Flip - qld a couple of good pigs caught when I was visiting a mate at Charleville

Don King - 79 kg dressed boar caught by RED (dog on the right) was eating pine melons, central QLD

D.King - 92 kg dressed boar caught by the same dog (RED)

James A - My new pup Toby at 5 months getting a good taste for pigs. This boar roughly weighed 65kgs.

Geoff J - a good boar I caught yesterday (23/3/2007)

Luke B - Luke and Jarrod caught this boar at Mount Isa



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