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 New to Boardogs - Monthly Visitors Photos March 2007

Sponsored by - Bullzye Pty Ltd, & a cap from Boardogs (links to the Bullzeye website is on the pups for sale page or the advertisers page in the classifieds)

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CraigC - sent these in for the tonners club. 1st one is Matt and Country 105kg, 2nd one is Country with 128 kg caught with only 2 dogs and 3rd is me with 102kg boar. All are dressed weight caught in the mountains.

JaiW - the pic with the ginger boar was my dogs first ever pig by himself, one out at Bollon, not very big but I was stoked with the pig and him, and the black and white pig was caught at Moonie coming off a dam on sun-up.

Chris - 6 good pigs ready for dressing, the pigs were caught out of ridge country and low lying Brigalow

Chris - I Shot these pigs coming of stubble on a Western Darling Downs property 4:30 in the morning with a 5 shot 223 Remington with a Bushnell scope the biggest dressed out at 65kg

JulieA - Hi my name is Harley I am 15, I live at Meandarra. On a pigging outing we were heading around a Forage sorghum crop and there was a contour bank that had water in it from the previous rain and the dogs lugged up on a huge boar wallowing in the mud, it gave the dogs a few rips. We drove the ute side on with the contour, to roll the pig on as it was to heavy to lift he had a great set of weapons.

Lonie McGillvray - United States - My dogs baying a hog in a creek bed here in Arkansas. The dogs are a English Red Tick, an Airedale Bloodhound cross, and the other is a black Catahoula. I eat, sleep, and breath hog hunting.

TravisM - bitch in dog box is an Arab, 2yr old good dog and her pup at 11wks and the big fella Dane x Arab Mastiff.



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