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 New to Boardogs - Monthly Visitors Photos February 2007

Sponsored by - Bloom Brothers with prizes of a DVD, a T-shirt and sticker, & a cap from Boardogs

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Nathan - Wolfhound Mastiff Dane dog

Woolfie - On this hunt i had taken my young pups as well as a friends and left the two of the three holders at home thinking there was enough dog power already. This pig
although only about 60 - 70 kg was easily matching the only holder while the young dogs just bailed. He was caught but in the process he cut the old dog from under the ear and around to the middle of his head. Very nasty!

MattS - dogs Buck (black dog) and Star (tan)

CraigF - This boar was chased down by my Bull Arab x Staghound dog V8 on a lucence paddock near Dubbo NSW. This big solid boar weighed in at 86kg, with another two good size boars that night.

I left on sundown with my dog V8 heading to a property where I would likely find some good pigs. V8 had been going well on pigs, however only had been catching pigs around the 40 to 50kg mark. I drove up to a dam in the lucence paddock and noticed where a good size hog had been wallowing in the mud. I knew that it was only fresh because V8 was onto a sent and was going off on the back of the Ute. I drove around the dam and I could see what I believe to be a boar by himself about 2 to 3 hundred metres away. I stopped the vehicle and looked through the scope of my gun and noticed that it was a boar, it appeared to be around the 50kg mark. I didn't really want V8 to go on anything bigger because of his age. I drove closer to the hog and unleashed the hound. As V8 approached the boar the boar was onto him and stood up, I looked and realised that the pig was bigger than I thought. I tried to call V8 off, however he continued on. The Boar took off and headed for the scrub which was about five hundred metres away. The boar was high tailing it out of there, however V8 ran the boar down and lugged hold of him about 150 metres away from the scrub. I drove as quickly as I could towards both of them and at the same time saw V8 getting thrown around in the air, however still holding on to the boars ear. It was about a minute later that the boar gave up and stood there. I couldn't believe it, I couldn't believe that this big boar had just given up. I grabbed hold of the boar and put it down. For the next week or two V8 was treated like loyalty.

JackF - Got this Boar last year, really put up a good fight with the dogs, gave the dogs some curry, not the biggest boar Iíve caught but the best. Went 88kgs dressed.

JackF - Went on a family trip last year to Tilpa and got these two boars. Sarah our daughter really enjoyed getting in amongst the piggin action. Sent in by Jack & Kate Farrugia

JackF - Rack of pigs we got late last year, the white boar went 63kg dressed and gave the dogs a touch up, it was a good day out with the family. Sent in by Jack Farrugia

Fitzy - These pigs were caught over a week and a half period on a property near Dubbo NSW. Fitzy and the help of his hound V8 including trusty old Howa 223 had caught these 25 good size pigs. 6 of these pigs weighed over the 60kg mark with the biggest pig weighing in at 80kg, this being a spotty sow.


MattS - My girlfriend Chloe at Winton on her first trip. She loves the adrenalin of the hunt but refuses to touch them.

Mittyp - A boar me and my brother in-law got with my dog on the 21st of Feb. [yesterday] no a big pig but by far the crankiest pig I've caught in the last ten years he gave my dog a bit of a touch up got him near Cobar.



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