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 New to Boardogs - Monthly Visitors Photos February 2007

Sponsored by - Bloom Brothers with prizes of a DVD, a T-shirt and sticker, & a cap from Boardogs

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David B (USA) - 290 pound boar that we caught in a Brazilian pepper head, which is about the equivalent of your mangroves with black berry heads underneath them. Nasty stuff, You literally have to crawl to the hog.

David B (USA) - estimated by tape and was between 490 and 520#. we caught him with 2 determined dogs and a tree trunk which I had to tie him to after I lassoed him. Red feral. Was released on a hunting lease in Labelle, after six of us loaded him in the back of a pick-up truck.

David B (USA) - Pied calico sow which weighed 280 pounds live weight. Was kept for breeding.

David B (USA) - a barrow, he was weighed on a 330# scale and bottomed it out just as the nose lifted off the dirt. was caught with the same dog that caught all the rest.

Camilla - good boar caught locally

BillyG - Black boar taken in Hardin Co Texas. (USA) 410 LBS

Flip - Central QLD I don't no who ballsed up the dogs or the boar

Heather - I live in the US. This is a pic that I took with my cell phone, so the quality isn't very good. We had been hunting all day and finally ran across this big sow, she had a litter of pigs so she was not happy. The dogs in the pic are Mattie my Catahoula (on the right) and Jade my pit bull (on the left). They really work hard for me.



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