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 New to Boardogs - Monthly Visitors Photos February 2007

Sponsored by - Bloom Brothers with prizes of a DVD, a T-shirt and sticker, & a cap from Boardogs

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Flip_Armstrong - Central QLD 100kg plus boar not a dog friendly hog

Flip_Armstrong - Flip and Johno rainy day in Central Qld

BrendonH - Photo of me and a mate from a trip to Emerald QLD, the boar was only 55kgs and we had caught 8 more which weighed about 40kgs each. the photo isn't great but you can see the pig and that's what counts. I'm the one on the left and my mate Mozza is on the right.

KirstyM - Pigs caught by Keith Sigsworth at Mudgee NSW using dogs.

Jack Farrugia - David and his dog Henry, first time out piggin. My dogs got this young boar in the blackberries, he crawled in and dragged it out, Good man

Jake - I'm 17 and from Penrith NSW with my first feral pig, pig weighed 45kg taken near Rockley, 60km south of Bathurst on Grandparents property.

JohnP - 75kg sow off sorghum with moose dog below.



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